There has been much low chatter on the intarwebz regarding the nature of Loki’s shock troops in the upcoming Avengers movie, and now that the news is out, it seems that Stephen’s suppositions in our recent podcast discussion were correct.  I fully expect by the end of the day to here cries from random corners that this reveal (foreshadowed and teased as it was) was awful and anticlimactic even though the reveal is exactly what all the indicators said it would be!

The MS-QOTD (pronounced as you would in the original French) is this:  When it comes to speculating about plot twists, would you rather be RIGHT, or be SURPRISED?


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  1. I wouldn’t want to ALWAYS be right, nor would I want to always be surprised, but a good mix of both. If I batted around .600 on being right, I’d be happy.

    • Addendum: If I’m surprised, I want it to be something where I *could* have figured it out. I like being able to look backwards at the clues I was supposed to follow, or that the assumptions I could’ve made were.

  2. I’d rather be right. I’m probably going to be in the minority here but if I’ve got an idea of the plot twist coming then the book/movie/comic that I’m enjoying usually makes more sense to me.

    Please, if the denziens of the intardweb start hacking away at this part of the movie and nitpicking at this and that and the other then no wonder they’ll start using words like “awful” and “anticlimatic”. Some fan boys/girls kill me with that. Kinda like the GL movie that was panned for a weak plot. OK…it had a weak plot. Seeing folks sling rings was fun for me. It wasn’t “Batman Begins” but it was damn sure better than “Superman Returns” (uuuugggghhhhhh).

    Too much critique ruins anything. If I fussed about every small leaf that occassionally finds it’s way into one of my imported long-filler maduro cigars then I’ve missed the entire point of enjoying the cigar (which I DO!). Folks can ruin a comic/novel/movie experience the same way.

  3. I’d rather be surprised. If I guess something and I’m right – I get that ho-hum feeling and end up enjoying something much less. Been happening a lot lately when watching Castle – takes the fun out of the reveal at the end of a whodunnit.

  4. Surprised, pending a good believable twist.
    As a general rule, I prefer not to know what is going in advance in anything I watch or read.

  5. LemmyCaution on

    There are, say, 10,000 villains to choose from in the Marvel Universe. There are 10 million fans speculating on who the villains will be. SOMEone had to be right. And that’s fine. Expected, in fact.

    Reminds me of reading comment posts with phrases like “mark my words…” Always makes me think (A) if you’re wrong, do we get to come back six months from now and chide you, or (B) your guessing the outcome was not what caused it to happen… you are not the creator of this property!

    Almost every story has already been told. It’s all about execution.

  6. I’d say I’m about 60/40 on this one. When I make a guess about stuff like this I think about what would be the most awesome thing to see happen based on the “clues” so when I’m right it works out the best. When I’m surprised it usually doesn’t deliver the impact. There have been a few times when the surprise was better than what I imagined, but those times are few and far between.

    On the subject is Castle, I think that show is great, and intentionally written so that intelligent, observant viewers can figure the case out along with the characters. That’s what I hope anyway, because I usually can point to “who done it” by the halfway point or so, but it think its fun to be able to do that.

  7. Given the choice I’d rather be surprised than right. There has been many times in the last few years when I start reading a book or a comic or watching a movie or TV show, and only a quarter of the way through I think I can see where it is going. Nine times out of ten I am right, and I am also disappointed. I haven’t finished the last Harry Potter book, because I got about half-way through and realized I knew where it was most likely heading. Every now and then I come across something that I figure out the end only part way through but the journey is so enjoyable I stick around for the ending anyway, but these are rare occasions. On the other hand, take the recent Red Riding Hood novel based on the movie. They presented the red herring – her boyfriend – so heavy handedly that I knew he wouldn’t be the wolf. But I didn’t expect it to be who it turned out to be! Nope, surprise is definitely better than being right all the time.

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