The creative duo from The Spectacular Spider-Man are back together and will give you sweet swag if you help send their book back to the printers.

Fairy Quest: Outlaws is the first book in the Fablewood saga and follows the unlikely friendship and adventures between Red and Mister Woof. Fablewood is the land where every story ever told lives side-by-side, divided into sections such as: Children Stories, Love Stories, Fables, and Fairy Tales. Outlaws is the first in a four-part series, with each book containing 48 pages. The second part is currently in production and looks to be including characters from the Land of Oz.

Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos sold 1,100 copies of Fairy Quest: Outlaws in just three afternoons at two cons last year, and they want to spread their work more. And that is where you come in. Their Kickstarter page is up and running with a whole of list of donation rewards. Rewards run from being in Humberto’s prayers, magnets, hard cover bound books, sketchbooks, character statues, being included in Fairy Quest #2, and the top reward, for a $10,000 donation, of being flown out to Dragon*Con and being a special guest of Paul and Humberto. Check the images below for a taste of the Kickstarter rewards.

Fairy Quest-CoverFairy Quest-HardcoverFairy Quest-SketchbookFairy Quest- MugFairy Quest-Statue











The target donation amount is $60,000 with an end date of May 26. The project is currently sitting around the one thousand mark, but with all the goods and the talent of these two I’m confident that they will be able to hit the goal. Follow this link to their Kickstarter page and get to donating!

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