As of this writing, I am feverishly poring over my character sheets and awaiting the siren call of Skype to start another Critical Hit recording session.  Rodrigo has sternly warned us all about the consequences of any sort of next season Spoilers (Did you know there was such a thing as a Neutron Wedgie?), so I won’t give anything away here, but I’m very much looking forward to tonight’s gaming…

The MS-QOTD, Faithful Spoilerites and Critical Hitters alike, is simple:  What are you most looking forward to/afraid of in the coming Critical Hit season?


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  1. Looking forward to: Rodrigo’s mad DM’ing skillz. After I got through season 1 I made a “WWRD?” bracelet for the campaign I was running.

  2. Looking forward to more hot guy on monster action and most afraid of a Critical Hit reboot after Stephen’s accountant tells him the podcast needs to reach a younger demographic.

  3. I am also waiting with bated breath for the return of the whole shebang. Honestly, I can’t truthfully separate one component of awesome from the enormous, wiggly, multitentacular mass of amazing CritHit is. I make you a song:

    I love Rodrigo, and all his story twists, I love that guy Torq, with his axe and his fists, I love the whole game, it’s such an awesome time boom de something boom et cetera boom and so on boom to segue…

    I love Matthew’s “one”, and Ket’s whole gambling run, I love the botched rolls, Brian’s natural 1s, I love the whole show, it’s my favourite one, boom hey look it’s boom just like the boom last chorus boom let’s move on!

    I love Smith’s statue, or will when it exists, I love robot arms, and godly shopping lists, I love the story, Rodrigo’s really cool, boom I promise boom I’m done now boom no more of boom this dumbness…. booom!

    p.s. I would totally buy team “CritHit favourite person here” shirts.

  4. J. R. Scherer on

    Escalated Paragon tier level nuttiness. If Rodrigo has the party interacting with gods in the heroic tier then how’s he going to top himself?

  5. I’m more afraid of finding out that Orem was the only survivor. I love Torq and don’t know if I can go on without him. but if that is the case at least Brian can make new character than can maybe hit something for once. I am working on catching up….again and cannot wait for the new season to officially start. But the thing I am looking forward to the most is the actual story, I wanna know where the group goes from here. I did realize something though 5 moon gods and 5 planes- just sayin’

  6. Raistlin Majere on

    Worried about the battles dragging on with the new tier. Don’t know if it’s just me but even with the pictures I have a hard time following the battle the longer they are. Sometimes the tokens aren’t visible or the angle hides a figure. It’s easier when I hear the camera click but sometimes I miss that audio cue. I’m sure it’s a pain to work out for you guys. I do appreciate the increase in incremental pics and using a consistent angle for point of reference. Certainly not a game breaker since we all still manage to enjoy and follow along. Especially to those that just listen and don’t go to the site to follow the pics (we here all know they are missing out).

    I guess my thoughts would be to take a close-up pic of the mobs going to be used and then when you reference them it may be easier to pick them out. Perhaps a slightly higher birds eye view would help show the status tokens? Sorry wasn’t meaning to rant or pick apart the show. I just like to think of myself as a “game tester” so I tend to over analyze. Really looking foward to hearing what Rodrigo has planned with his storytelling and skill challenges. Roleplaying is always the highlight for me and when you all are enjoying yourselves I do as well.

    Love the show and keep the patience. Taking a group this far is a task and I hope you all don’t lose your focus or will to carry them on. Sorry for long post but you asked a broad question…and I went off topic. Anyways…have a good session guys!

  7. I’m looking forward to the new season in general. Even if some familiar characters are gone (which will be REALLY sad), everyone in the Major Spoilers crew is a good enough roleplayer that I’ll likely enjoy any new characters. Between Rodrigo’s amazing worldbuilding and NPC’s, and the crew’s great interactions, I’m sure I’ll love anything that comes.

  8. I’m incredibly excited to find out what happened with the cyst and the survivors. And definitely looking forward to Ket’s stuff with Asmodeus. My only fear really is that the show will end soon (hence why I have a recurring donation now).

  9. Most looking forward to: more awesome NPCs from Rodrigo. For me to steal for my home campaign.

    Most afraid of: Long combats.

    Biggest hope: That Rodrigo will cede more control over the PCs to Matthew, Rob, and Brian. I want to see a bit more of those guys’ creativity unleashed.

  10. I’m afraid there will be more than one feedback episode! :-) j/k

    If Orem is the only returnee, it would still be awesome, and allow the exploration of the natural realm and some new characters who havent saved the known universe, thus ratcheting down the story power level/scope of conflict … As was said in the epilogue this story is told from Orem’s perspective.

    But really, most of all, I hope this season is all about the political/economic minutiae involved in commissioning and building Smith’s tribute statue. :-) Something like this would do:

    “Smith the Redeemer” overlooking a rebuilt Moonhold!

    Hope the game went well!

  11. What I’m most looking forward too? Rodrigo’s GMing, he can weave a great story that fits perfectly with the world he created.

    What I’m most affraid of? Rodrigo’s GMing, he’ll kill you dead if it fits with the storyline.

  12. I’m looking forward to cameo appearances of the Queen’s Rebellious Daughter
    I’m also looking forward to the updated view of Moonhold (and the Prime-Material Plane in general) to see if the events of previous season’s have made things better or worse.

  13. Hopefully seeing some pyrobestialcranialnymphonecrophelia.
    I know it is a longshot, but I believe that the twisted mind of Rodrigo (the same one to bring us candleheads and flappymouths) is able to intigrate this personality quirk/ lifestyle choice/ born this way characterization into a PC or NPC.
    I am looking foreward to the torkeltones return to their home so that they can finally create that big erection they promised Smith before he died.

  14. I’m eager to see what happend to our favourite characters, to learn about Orem’s family and friends in the Fey Wild, of course to rejoice at Torq and The Randus fate (hopefully not death), curious about time travel and see how Rodrigo is going to pull that off like a pro (as he is), follow Ket’s new carrier and enjoy at least 5 pcs played by Rob. I hope we get to see /OW, Glaa and Albrect (poor Brenzen).

    Really hope to see how the Natural World has been doing lately, what happend after the great battle of season 3 to the Astral Sea and most of all, to finaly know what’s the deal with the Fey Wild and the terrible beings that Ket’s background hinted at.
    And of course, to have Rodrigo back in the Throne and guide us into new awesome adventures.

  15. I’m looking forward to Critical Hit because Batman is awesome!!!

    I’m most looking forward to seeing who survived and how Rodrigo will “get the Muppets back together again”. I’m also looking forward to Matthew playing Sir Brenzen with a Commander Riker flavor – that was an awesome revelation of that character at the end of last season.

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