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  1. You took my suggestion! Thanks, Stephen!

    Sweet tea all the way, although the degree of sweetness varies depending on the tea used – you don’t want the sugar to totally mask the taste of the tea. And some places (*cough*Popeyes*cough*) go waaaay overboard with their sweetness. I do like fruit-flavored teas, but those tend to be herbal ones that don’t need sugar.

    Yes, I come from a family that treats tea the same way people treat wines. ;)

    • Raistlin Majere on

      I agree that it depends on the brand and the amount of sugar used. I enjoy hot tea and a few fruit flavors but sweet ice tea is my fav. I order unsweet at eateries and sweeten to taste for the most part.

  2. Considering how I’m a Southern boy, from Texas, I gotta go sweet tea all the way. Sorry Stephen. Though, if I’m at a restaurant and they have it, I’ll sometimes get peach or raspberry flavored tea, those are good too.

  3. These days I mostly drink hot English tea and cold bubble tea (boba to those not in the midwest), so I’m out of this poll.

    I can tell you this at least, having lived in Florida where everyone loved the stuff–sweet tea is gross.

  4. Hot green tea with some lemon and honey is the best for me.
    Picard can have his Earl Grey, what kind of Frenchman is he anyway. Perhaps the English Conquered France again sometime between now and his century? Probably wasn’t too difficult.
    Long Live the Legion!!!!
    Swell job guys.

  5. Sweet tea ruins perfectly good iced tea. I also drink my hot tea without sugar though, so take that as you wish.

  6. This is one of those polls that is divided on the Mason-Dixon Line.
    Being from the South, I like sweet tea, though only hot tea in the morning.

  7. This survey is incomplete. Fruit teas can be made two ways natural herbal with no sugar added or adding a sugary flavored syrup. If the poll would differentiated between the two I would have chosen unsweeted fruit tea, but as it stood I had to pick regular unsweeted tea.

  8. I vote Unsweetened tea.

    I decided to get a little fancy with my iced teas last summer and came up with an amazing concoction.
    Mix a Jasmine Green tea and a mint-type tea (I prefer spearmint) at a 3/4-1/4 ratio.
    Mix with a large jug’s worth of boiling water and allow to steep overnight.
    Strain out the tea and serve resulting tea over ice.
    You get a lovely refreshing drink on a hot afternoon that tastes sweet but contains no sugar.
    (good for those who need to moderate their sugar intake :)

  9. Nice pool topic! If you are looking for suggestions I was wondering if you had ever done Emotionless TV Straight-men. There might be a better name for it and arguably more options, but here are my Final Four:

    Spock of Star Trek
    Data of Star Trek Next Generation
    Dr. Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory
    Abed Nadir of Community

    • Raistlin Majere on

      I like this poll idea with maybe only Data outta the ST characters…though I don’t have any other replacement ideas. Abed would be my choice outta those provided. Just to be a punk I feel like I should be the uber nerd and state that those characters are technically not emotionless. Spock and to an extent Abed suppresses theirs favoring logic, Data used a chip at one point but I’ll give that to ya being a robot and all. As for Dr Sheldon Cooper I am familiar with but I haven’t watched enough of the show to have an opinion. *fixes glasses* I guess my black robe is showing through a bit ;P

  10. Reverting to type, it’s got to be hot tea preferably strong English breakfast. The king of teas is a brand called Yorkshire Tea – it’s a right strong cup (needs to be said in a strong Northern English accent) , so strong your tea spoon can stand up in it. It’s sad really becasue now I’m living in the Southern hemisphere I have to confess that I have to seek Yourkshire Tea out from a specail importers store (I’m that addicted).

    Also I like Ice Mutha Funkin” T, especially in his mutant kangeroo phase as documented in Tank Girl the movie

  11. Sweet tea all the way. Unsweetened is nasty. It tastes like watered down . . . something. It tastes like something you’re not supposed to be drinking.

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