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The Division of Global Surveyors (D.O.G.S.) is on Mars to carry out a terraforming mission, making the red planet habitable for humans. But what the crew of Mars Base Bowie doesn’t know is that there was something there before them. In D.O.G.S. OF MARS, a graphic novel coming from Image Comics in May, the intrepid team will discover that there is something on the planet just as deadly as Mars’ freezing temperatures and carbon dioxide atmosphere. Something alive.

Written by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, and Christian Wieser, D.O.G.S OF MARS explore the effects of isolation and fear as the team desperately tries to evade an unrelenting alien life form. Mission captain Zoe must struggle to keep her team together — and alive — as they’re pursued by a nocturnal monster that mutilates and transforms its victims, even as forces that aren’t alien threaten them from within.

Zito and Trov have collaborated on comics for several years, winning DC Comics’ Zuda competition in 2008. “I think this is the best project we’ve ever collaborated on,” said Trov.
“It’s heavily inspired by horror films like Alien, Event Horizon and the actual experiment known as Mars-500.”

The unique art style of Paul Maybury, awash in shades of red, helps bring the gruesome story to life. Johnny Zito comments, “Paul’s designs are very industrial with Japanese gore splattered about. His vision of the monster is a grotesque, alien twist on the classic werewolf.”

Collecting the four-issue miniseries that was sold digitally on ComiXology, D.O.G.S. OF MARS is a 120-page paperback. It will be available in stores on May 2 and its ISBN is 978-1-60706-550-0. An advance PDF is available for review.

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