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They’ve battled, Moby Dick, matched wits with Dickens, and befriended a kingdom of evolved sea monkeys! They’re the genre hopping heroes of Hypercity – the FICTIONAUTS! Now, for the first time, Studio-407 showcases the team’s exciting exploits in a new graphic novel trade hitting stores June 2012!

“I’m ecstatic to finally share FICTIONAUTS with the world!” says Studio-407 PR & Marketing Manager Ivan Salazar, “Mauro Mantella and Leandro Rizzo have crafted a story that combines over-the-top pulp action, humor, and high-concept science-fiction with some of the most famous literary characters of all time. It’s the lovechild of Grant Morrison and Herman Melville that comic fans never knew they wanted, but won’t be able to live without!”

Fantasy is a serious business for the Fictionauts as they scour fictional worlds to right dangerous anomalies and preserve the balance between reality and imagination. Our heroes face their ultimate challenge when the mysterious Agent X threatens to bring down the barriers between our world and the world of stories. Dive headlong into the madcap, mind-bending world of the FICTIONAUTS!

“We’re incredibly proud of our resident FICTIONAUTS, Mauro Mantella and Leandro Rizzo!” says Studio-407 Managing Director Alex Leung, “I think mature fans of literary superhero teams like Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be able to pick up this trade and feel right at home. They’ll get sucked into the story just like the FICTIONAUTS!”

FICTIONAUTS is a softcover OGN written by Mauro Mantella with full-color illustrations by Leandro Rizzo (WARCRAFT: LEGENDS). This book ships from Studio-407 in June at a price point of $12.99 with a Diamond code of APR121223.

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