A quick flip through the latest Previews catalog has revealed a new ongoing series for Supreme, multiple high-profile creator gigs for Rob Liefeld, a relaunched Valiant Universe and more Clinton-era comic book throwbacks.  This year, amazingly, marks the 20th Anniversary of Image Comics and the paradigm shift that ended comics Bronze Age, which has started my mental gears a’turnin’…

Today’s question for you, the Faithful Spoilerites, is this:  Which 1990’s-era properties/creators do you most look forward to seeing return?


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  1. I enjoyed the original Valiant comics run – the tightly interwoven plots, the “house style” as well as interesting story arcs. Then it all went to heck, Acclaim jumped into the comics business, etc. If they can rekindle that spark, it would be interesting to witness, but the market probably won’t support that type of experiment again.

  2. Lee Goldberg on

    Would it be incredibly cynical and mean spirited to say none of them? The thing is, while many things I love came out during the nineties, none of them would actually be considered “nineties” inherent/style properties. Part of me wants to say the return of the Vertigo versions of DC heroes like Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Shade, but those are really more tied to the very end of the 80’s rather than the 90’s. I’d also say the return of the JLI, but that also technically started in the 80’s, and without Keith Giffin, it’s not really the same.
    Really, the only thing I hope returns from the bronze age of comics is the increased retail sales.

  3. Antonio Sanciolo on

    I always had a soft-spot for Hannibal King, I’m sure he’s popped up here and there but he had a great two parter in Journey Into Mystery in the late 90s.

  4. I can’t really say. I was busy growing up in the 90s, so everything I liked was crap. I had issues 2-5 of the Clone Saga and I thought Spidercide was the coolest thing ever. I also had one issue of Legends of the Dark Knight that I read over and over until the cover fell off and I didn’t even know what comic it was anymore- just that it had a weird looking batman fighting some dude who worked in a slaughterhouse. Oh, and for some reason my parents were convinced that I loved X-Men and kept buying me random issues that would never make sense (is professor X crippled or not? Come on!) despite my repeated reminders that I’m a Spider-Man/Superman sort of guy.

  5. …they are actually making a come back soon…

    Mokin was always a fan of the Valiant line of comics. They came out at the most strange period (for me) in comics time, but they always had a little something that dragged me in. With Solar being back (where is he, seems like a long time I haven’t seen an issue…), X-O coming back in May or June, Archer and Arrmstrong also coming back later on, Mokin is quite pleased. His wallet less so, but who cares. X-O is Back!!! And he talks (my Samsung smartphone showed me…)!!!

    Mokin is dancing around, while his wife shakes her head slowly and walks away sadly…

  6. I want something really obscure & bizarre to get a much needed day in the sunlight.

    In the Team Titans series, one of their ally-teams was a girl group (as in rock band) named Metallix. They could transform into armored superheroines, then merge together to form one giant armored lady robot. They were just a weird background idea that never got much play, and I’d love to see someone give them the “PR/SS homage meets Jem” treatment they practically beg for.

    But anything anyone else has actually heard of? It’s probably been revived and in a weakened form by now. That’s how it goes with most stuff I liked (especially AoA).

  7. Starhawk and the Guardians of the Galaxy…
    …wait, this isn’t the list for properties that where successfully relaunched in the 90’s, only to be ruined in the 21st Century?

    I guess that leaves us with … Lord Pumpkin?

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