With Avengers Vs. X-Men just around the corner (expect my review soon) many of the matchups are already known.  While my interest is piqued by a couple of the announced battles, I’m kind of wishing that we could get a little “Hawkeye Vs. Beast”, “Mimic Vs. Captain America” or “Monica Rambeau Vs. Jean Grey” action going on…

So, my question to you, Faithful Spoilerites, comes in two parts:  What AvX matchups are you most looking forward to seeing, and which intriguing pairings did they miss?


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  1. I’m want to see Colossus vs. The Thing. Should be a good fight, lots of property damage. Hope it stays one-on-one.

    Fight I would like to see: Shadowcat vs. Vision. Not sure they are even alive/active, but it would be fun to see them chase each other around. I imagine Vision using his ability to increase density could make Shadowcat push her powers to the limit trying to short out his electronics and Vision couldn’t get her unless he matched her “phase frequency” exactly.

  2. Fights I would like to see:

    Forge vs. Avengers West Coast Hank Pym (magenta grampa coveralls version): just to see who could out-gadget who….

    Jocasta vs. Danger…

    Moondragon vs. Rachael Grey

  3. I like Rogue vs. Miss (soon to be Captain) Marvel just for the highly-charged emotional side of the conflict which could really work if Miss Marvel is written right (unfortunately that’s a bigger “if” most of the time).

    I also agree with Foolsmask that Colossus vs. The Thing sounds like a good fight with plenty of fun and plenty of property damage.

    My biggest problem with the line-up is they seem to be pitting power vs. power instead of character vs. character. As a result, I’m just not that excited about the results. Not only do I not care who would win in a fight – Emma Frost or the Hulk – but I also seriously doubt they’ll be much witty banter, let alone meaningful interaction.

    Some fights I would have liked to have seen . . .

    Hope vs. X-23 – especially since the latter is in Avengers Academy now.

    Gambit vs. Hawkeye

    Spider-Woman vs. Psylocke

  4. I’d like to see gambit vs iron fist lots of destruction with awesome acrobatics and the iceman vs spidey for the banter.

  5. I think if I was going to pick this up and I still might I would want to see a Starfox vs Karma. Just because I would want to see if ruffie powers can stop roofie powers. That and to see if Karma would eventually kick Starfoxs butt since payback is a blamic.

  6. Lee (SawHat) on

    Thing vs Collusonaut looks like major collateral damage fun.
    Psylock vs Black Widow, who doens’t like a good chick fight?
    I’m finding myself not caring at all about this latest crossover, but have to admit that I’m intrigued by the Hawkeye vs Cyclops fight, hope that’s in a book I get.

    I’m surprised no one has stated the obvious Wolverine vs Wolverine fight. It would be awesome to see Wolvie kicking his own ass, but I’m sure Marvel would have to make that it’s own one-shot with multiple covers and high-end printing to milk it for every penny and no one wants to see that.

    I’d also like to see Iron Fist vs Juggernaut, that would be an awesome punch-o-rama with lots of smashie-smashie!

  7. Colossus v. the Thing would be fun, but once Colossus goes Juggernaut, he moves into the Hulk’s league. I’m not sure which fight I’d like to see more.

    Oh, and Domino v. Black Widow. Definitely.

    Any word whose side Storm, Wolverine and Beast are on, as all three are X-Men and Avengers?

      • Pretty much, since always.

        From Wikipedia: “Greg Pak described the Hulk shown during World War Hulk as having a level of physical power where “Hulk was stronger than any mortal—and most immortals—who ever walked the Earth.””

        The Thing, much as I love the character, can’t come close to making that claim.

        • Mmm… Indeed, The Thing is not physically as strong as the Hulk. But I misunderstood what you meant by “in his league.” In many ways, the Thing has been the only man to really challenge the Hulk, and has beaten him in combat more than once.

  8. Surprised nobody brought up the battle of the intangibles yet.
    What happens when a phased Shadowcat goes through a phased Vision? An unphased piece of electronics goes Kablooey but what of a phased one? Perhaps she could even die properly this time?
    Granted the Real Winner of this would be Tinya Wazzo the one and only Phantom Girl.
    On a completely different not, Magneto & Wolverine teaming up to take out Plastic Man would be pure awesomeness and a half.

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