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This Free Comic Book Day sees the release of Action Lab Confidential; a 200 page Free Comic Book Day digital download on sites such as Graphicly, Comics+, Drive Thru Comics and additional digital outlets.

Action Lab Entertainment, best known for the indie smash-hit comic book Princeless and the soon to be released Double Jumpers wants to give readers the opportunity to read extended previews of their entire catalog of comics and original graphic novels, including some titles that have yet to hit the shelves.

The goal is to continue to get readers excited in what Action Lab Entertainment has to offer with its diverse lineup of books, ranging from all-ages to mature readers. After reading this FREE 200 page monster you’ll want to rush to your local comic shop or digital tablet and demand for more Action Lab comics!

The following titles are featured in Action Lab Confidential:

  • Princeless – By Jeremy Whitley & Goodwin
  • Double Jumpers – By Dave Dwonch & Bill Blankenship
  • Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – By Martheus Wade
  • Fracture – By Shawn Gabborin & Chad Cicconi
  • Globworld – By Jeremy Whitley & Andrew Charipar
  • Snowed In – By Shawn Gabborin & Rick Lundeen
  • Back In the Day – By Dave Dwonch & Daniel J Logan
  • Monsters Are Just Like Us – By Superugly
  • Exo-1 & the Rocksolid Steelbots – By Shawn Pryor, Adam Besenyodi & Daniel J Logan
  • Space Time Condominium – By Dave Dwonch
  • Jack Hammer – By Brandon Barrows & Ionic
  • It also features a front cover by the talented Rusty Shackles!

200 Pages. And it’s FREE!

So this Free Comic Book Day, after you finish your journey to your comic book store, stop by Graphicly, Comics+, or the additional Action Lab Entertainment digital outlets and download your copy of Action Lab Confidential!


Action Lab Entertainment was founded in 2010 by a group of indie-maverick comic creators with the sole intent to bring the world the most action packed, most thought-provoking, most entertaining comics available, thereby ushering in a new age of world peace under the dominating, yet benign control of the Action Lab. Action Lab Entertainment is the public front for all the activities of the Action Lab and its members. Although most of the Action Lab’s activities remain classified, Action Lab Entertainment can disclose that two of its many functions are the marketing of comic books through various sales outlets, and the expansion of their domination into other mediums.

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Press Release

Press Release

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