Marvel Studios has recently released what I believe to be the 3,472nd trailer for the upcoming Joss Whedon-directed “Avengers” movie.  Major Spoilers head honcho Stephen has been heard to wonder whether the over-clocked hype machine was an indication that the studio was worried about the quality of the film, or just about the competition with a certain caped crusader

My question to you, Faithful Spoilerites, is this:  When it comes to your chosen entertainment, how much hype is TOO much hype?



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  1. With Marvel, too much is never enough.

    I do find it fun, in a demeaning sort of way, the dichotomy between those who simply cannot get enough of anything having to do with hype for an Avengers movie, while simultaneously turning their noses up continually at the hype for current, source, material.

    But I’m sadistic and “just don’t get it”…or so I’ve been told.

  2. I don’t like going into a film feeling like I’ve seen it already… but as a general rule, with such front-loaded box offices these days, it seems like the deal is “Show ’em if you’ve got ’em.” (and even if you don’t, so you don’t die on opening weekend)

    I’ve self-censored myself after the appearance of the Leviathan, hoping the rest of the film will be fresh and the highlight of my free-comicbook-day weekend.

    • “I don’t like going into a film feeling like I’ve seen it already”
      Know how you feel. I was soo sad that we had allready seen Steven Rogers throw himself on the granade in the trailer for Cap A. That was so a defining moment.

      I think they are holding back on the good stuf for Batman TDKR – but lets see how things turn out when we get closer to release day?

  3. LemmyCaution on

    I think they are just simply trying to keep interest up, and there was never any additional concern for the next Batman movie beyond what already existed. Consider that while there are really just a handful of trailers for The Avengers, many of them are for different foreign markets, and most of them consist of the same footage recut again and again. I think they are doing that to keep as much of the film under wraps as possible while saving some fresh stuff for additional trailers as the release date closes in. Which is a good thing, I think, for fans, non-fans and the marketing team. Now, with just a few more weeks to go, they can release a couple more trailers with footage that hasn’t been seen before and spike consumer interest levels without having given *too* much away months in advance, subsequently making people think they’d seen enough to skip it in the theaters.

  4. Antonio Sanciolo on

    Hype has to have some kind of inherent pay-off within the “hype” itself. Some suit coming out and saying “Avengers will be great” is not like showing mind-blowing footage right off the bat, like Disney has with Avengers. In this particular instance, with Whedon’s writing style in mind, the highlights of the film may indeed come from interaction and not just explosions, thereby not over-selling the product.

    That said, I also think Disney would be trying less hard if John Carter drew in more bucks over it’s first two weeks.

  5. Cloverfield was over-hyped. They kept too much a mystery and tried to make the movie out to be such a huge boon to American cinema, that the movie couldn’t live up to people’s imaginations.

    Avengers hasn’t done that because A) they aren’t promising anything aside from an action blockbuster on par with their previous movies and B) they have revealed enough of the movie that our imaginations have a fair understanding of what is going to be in the movie so they can’t go too crazy with speculation.

  6. I think they started the hype a little too soon. They’ve been promoting the Avengers movie for years before it even went into production, after all! I’ve reached the point where I just don’t care any more. I see the trailers and think, eh. I will probably still go see the movie, but I’m not that excited about it. On the other hand, you have the Hobbit movies. Hardly any hype at all, and I tend to forget it is in the works, even though I am a great LOTR fan!

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