ME WANT: Lego Shaun of the Dead


Friendly pub and zombie apocalypse safe haven The Winchester could soon be yours in Lego form. Hopefully the shotgun above the bar isn’t fully functioning this time.

British movie star and funny man Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) was on the Conan O’Brien show this week to talk about how good looking he thinks Tom Cruise is and his Twitter antics. But what really perked my interest was when the pair started talking about the possibilities of a Shaun of the Dead Winchester Lego set. Here are some pictures of what the finished project would look like.

Shaun of the Dead Winchester

Shaun of the Dead- Inside the Winchester

Shaun of the Dead- Minifigs

The set was designed by Yatkuu and is currently in Idea Stage at Lego Cuusoo webpage. Yatkuu’s design currently has about 4,000 supports out of the 10,000 it needs to be reviewed by Lego officials. Lego has commented on the project already and said that since Shaun of the Dead is a comedy and the model is presented in a humorous fashion that it is within the scope Lego operates in, though at the edge due to the slight violent nature.

With Shaun of the Dead being one of my favorite zombie movies, and close to the top of my favorite comedies, I have already hit that support button. I can see myself now, blaring Queen while beating the living pulp out of zombie minifigs. So follow this link to support Yatkuu’s design and so that we all may have some good, old fashion Lego fun.