ADULT FILMS: Vivid Entertainment going back to the Batman well once again


Not satisfied with successfully merging the worlds of superheroes and adult films, Vivid Entertainment and Axel Braun are going back for another dip in the Batman pool with Dark KnightXXX: A Porn Parody, shooting this weekend in Los Angeles. Take the jump to meet the cast that features everyone from Batgirl and Kathy Kane to Nightwing and Constantine.

Constantine?  Makes about as much sense as people dressed as superheroes getting on for your amusement…

The Storyline: Batman feels so embittered, betrayed and haunted that he’s living in the wilderness. While he’s away, the monstrous criminal Bane is tearing the city apart…and that’s only the beginning.

And because we know you really want to know…

  • Giovanni – Batman
  • Derrick Pierce – Bane
  • Brendon Miller – Joker
  • Tom Byron – Jim Gordon
  • Joey Brass – Nightwing
  • Marcus London – Constantine

via Vivid Entertainment