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  1. That’s pretty good! My (just) three year old is just starting to get Super-Man and Spider Man straight. He’s got Iron Man down cold though.

  2. I must teach my daughter these – does anyone know where I can find superhero flashcards?

    I agree – this should a be a reoccurring segment!

  3. What’s interesting is that the stock image used for Dr. Strange is from the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom game where the Japanese developers remarked how insistent Marvel was on ensuring Dr. Strange made specific gestures and hand forms… and looks like it worked because the Boy picked up on it! :)

  4. George Chimples on

    Marvel editorial should mandate that one panel out of every single issue must be a cutaway to The Watcher eating popcorn while he observes the on-goings.

  5. *giggle* that is too cute. I will now always picture the Watcher kicking back with a tub of popcorn, just doing his watchin’ thang….

  6. The What If series should have had each comic start with the Watcher and his intro next to a comfy couch and a big tub of popcorn.

    Love the segment. Reminds me of conversations I have had with my nephew about comics.

  7. Its great that when the boy identifies who Dr. Strange is that he says “Because he does this.” That awesome. I doubt that most could explain the marvel universe as well.

  8. Better watch out guys.

    The kid seems more popular than all of you adults on this sight.

    Is he really the Robot Overlord!?!?

  9. My oldest just turned two and is starting to say things like this. Makes me look foward to when he gets older. I love how The Watcher has a “Fat Head”.

  10. Can this please be a regularly scheduled thing? The graphics are fantastic by the way, animations really pop.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I can’t make any promises, as I don’t always have a camera running around The Boy, and these golden nuggets usually happen when I least expect them.

      It does take time, effort, and energy to do these, and I don’t have a lot of time these days… plus now that The Boy has tasted Internet Fame, his salary demands are quite high…

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