We wrap up our look at the various Robins with Dick Grayson by Coran Stone.

So I was basically thinking of the points just before Robin decided on going solo and placing the blue and black tights on to become the Skull bashing, bullet dodging nocturnal “NightWing” we know him as today. So my thought of Dick Grayson before that change is as a high-school prep student that is extremely intelligent but sarcastic, rebellious, hot tempered and non-caring when it comes to the interaction with others. As robin he seems to be more serious, fearless and mentally darker than his past care-free self. I thought that maybe he had something to do with the design of the outfit as well. Giving it a more of a muted, modern and bad ass look to fit his attitude. To me Robin may have had his disagreements with the Bats which probably ultimately resulted in him leaving to do his own thing but I think he’ll become just another Bat in a bird costume.

via Deviant Art