When Eastman and Laird first created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles way back in the ’80s, I’m guessing the never expected the success of their product to turn into a mega movie franchise that would take the mutated garden turtles and change the origin to be from outer space.

During the Nickelodeon upfronts last Wednesday, Michael Bay was on hand to talk up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where he dropped the most interesting statement.

“When you see this movie, kids will believe one day that these turtles do exist, when we’re done with the movie. These turtles are from an alien race, and they’re going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely loveable.”

So no radioactive goo seeping from a secret lab. No garden variety turtles and a rat mutating into humanoid forms to fight injustice. And I’m gonna guess no cries of Cowabunga either…

Granted, those of us that grew up reading the original black and white comics, and then seeing the characters totally warped for the animated cartoon series didn’t make a big deal out of it, and even when the first movies arrived, we barely blinked.  Kids going to see these movies might be a bit more confused, especially after seeing the CGI movie from a few years ago, and having easier access to TMNT through the pages of IDW’s series.

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  1. Uhm, how are they still the Teenage “MUTANT” Ninja Turtles then? I mean, the whole mutated thing is a big part of the concept. Are we gonna have TANT now? Also, why Michael Bay?

    • George Chimples on

      Probably because Michael Bay had so much financial success reviving the Transformers. That franchise must be the prototype for nostalgia-bait at this point.

      But yeah, the alien part just seems lame. I wouldn’t have a problem with the change if it was something that organically came out of a script for some story-telling purpose, but this just seems like needless change before anyone’s even written the movie. Michael Bay probably just thinks aliens are inherently cooler than mutated turtles. This is a wrong opinion.

  2. No, screw him. God damn it. No. I can handle Transformers. But this? No. NO. Absolutely not. No. NO. That’s it. I’m done. Fuckin, God damn it.

  3. I am no Michael Bay apologist, but the way it sounds doesn’t necessarily mean the turtles themseles are alien. If you’ll remember the original cartoon we found out later that the mutagen was provided by Krang. In the original stories Krang was an alien, so who is to say they aren’t just saying the ooze came from space and ergo the turtles have an alien origin.

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      Um… Maybe my reading comprehension skills need polishing, but… Doesn’t M.Bay say it right here: “These turtles are from an alien race”? Sounds pretty cut & dried to me. ^_^

  4. If the turtles land on earth on the back of transformers I would pay to see that train wreck. Joking aside if they and splinter are actually aliens and this is not some metaphor for how they do not “fit in” like teenagers often claim I think I will be speaking with my wallet and not see this film.

    I can see it now… some crap happens like April, who will be played by some to young hottie, comes along and finds them when they land. Raph learn ninja skills from old kung fu movies, and all the while Leo is watching Walker Texas Ranger, Donny watching The Matrix and Transformers, and Mikey stays up all night playing Street Fighter on the Xbox, and just then Megatr… Shredder who is also a robot alien acting as the herald of Unicron comes to take out this Fantastic Foursome with SPACE JUDO! But the eyes of the Ranger are upon him and he is defeated! Throw in some recycled scenes from old bay movies, at least one annoying and unnecessary PoV teenager, unfunny dick and fart jokes, and some more unnecessarily big explosions and you my fellow reader have gotten your self ____s deep in a Michal Bay pooptacular summer mega toiletbuster Uber-flick! So be ready to throw your $15 down the toilet and be disappointed, as for me and my wallet we will stick with IDW.

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