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The Off Season

This episode: It’s PCs vs. NPC in an epic battle to see who will get the honor of going out to fight for everyone in the land!


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Paladins and Dinosaurs

Dino art by DR Studios

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  1. J. R. Scherer on

    I think it’s genuinely hilarious that you guys give Matthew the most complicated character to play, and also Brian a character that uses area effect powers when you use the house rule of one attack roll vs all targets. Poor guys.

    • Oddly enough, Burai is a character that Rob and I worked in-depth to develop BECAUSE of his particularly complicated skillsets.

      By contrast, mechanically speaking, Sir Brenzen and Arbalest were 90 to 95% Rodrigo and Torq’s initial configuration was his as well. Burai, much like Kodan Firewalker from Stephen’s game, was created out of my desire to play a particular character archetype, and Rob used his expertise to help shape that into something workable for the game (and, indeed, for HIS game.)

  2. These first 3 episodes were fun, but now it’s really getting exciting. Just out of curiousity, how many sessions did this adventure take? seems longer then one session.

    • Sol Hawk the Ninja on

      I have to say I didn’t know what to expect with a title like “Dinosaurs and Paladins.” But Rob, I have to take my hat off to you. The campaign setting you’re designing is compelling and highly entertaining. Dinosaurs as gods? That is really brilliant. I am really enjoying the chance to partake of your DMing style. You run a truly awesome game.

  3. I’m most definitely going to use this arena in my personal campaign! My players would have a ball falling and crawling back up the hole. Not sure where you guys are getting the majority of Brian’s powers but I’m afraid to let my players touch the source due to the chaos it would cause.

  4. From now on, every time I’m feeling down I’m gonna go back and listen to you guys loosing it in the first 5 minutes of this show. Every character should be introduced by Brian: can’t stop laughing! Thank you all. Paragon characters are complicated!

  5. “Stupid o’clock” is right. Why would a culture have their heros fight to the DEATH to give a group the right to fight for their land? Makes no sense. Best part: The hilarious comments and laughter during the character descriptions. Well done.

  6. When people rag on 4e as being too much like WoW, I shall cite this campaign (yes and Rodrigo’s too). This is such a perfect example of taking the rules and making something totally new out of them. I especially liked the intro skill challenge from part 1. I have to admit, when it got really close toward the end, I was on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what they ‘won’!

  7. XantharTheFlame on

    Listening through all the podcasts again to refresh my brain. Took a hiatus at the end of Season 4, and missed a lot. I was going to listen only to the shows with just the Torqeltones (i.e. the main game) and skip everything else, but I’m glad I didn’t! I’m really enjoying this series, and forgot how rich both the campaign setting and the roleplaying are – from everyone! Each of the PC’s has a very unique and clear personality, right from the start of the previous episode. Well done guys!

    Best moment of this episode for me was right at the start of the fight at approx. 20:30 where Burai (sp?), Matthew’s character, yells out his battle cry of “Ju Sok En!!” (spelling phonetically to the best of my hearing ability:) — which if you pay attention is actually a very sneaky way of crying out “You Suck!!” which Matthew says frequently.

    I totally missed this the first time listening to this episode 5 years ago. LOL!!!


  8. Just found this series a couple months ago and loving it! Browsing the site while listening and thought I’d mention this classic moment when Burai goes down in this fight, the rest of the group is surprised and Matthew just complains for the 6th time that the group steered him to use his Breath Attack!

    Of course, I was curious, so I went back to ep #138 and (in the published audio) Matthew never mentions that he is bloodied… then he goes on to give away all his healing to Rodrigo’s character.

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