Diamond Select Toys just finished it Marvel Select Colossus photo contest, and the company shared the winning photos with us to then share with you, our fine, fine, fine, Major Spoilerites.

Congratulations to everyone who entered Diamond Select Toys’ Colossal Marvel Select Photo Contest! While only four winners were chosen, DST received almost 30 photos of the Marvel Select Colossus figure, each one better than the last! You’d think that so many pictures of the same steel mutant would get repetitive after awhile, but the sheer variety of backgrounds and displays and lighting choices made each new entry a wonder to behold. Here are the winners!

The first runner-up was Alexander Villamor Diaz, who shot Colossus sizing up Juggernaut for a game of one-on-one. Colossus has even taken his shirt off for it! Juggernaut was a frequent player in these photos, but DST loved the angle and the drama created by the piece… plus the fact that the rubble surrounding Colossus all came from other Marvel Select display bases!

The second runner-up was Eric Salvo, who shot Colossus flanked by his fellow X-Men, ready for a brawl. While many shots featured Wolverine backing up his Russian comrade, this is the only one that showcased the rest of the Marvel Select X-Team, and Colossus strikes a cool battle pose that really shows off his detailed sculpt.

The third runner-up was Benjamin P. Roque, who also took advantage of Colossus’s removable shoulder pads to show off the fully sculpted pectorals underneath. Add in some amazing lighting and a clever use of Piotr’s spiky Danger Room accessory, and you can see why DST added a third runner-up prize!

And the grand-prize winner is The One Cam, whose shot of Colossus smashing through a wall not only paid tribute to the figure’s wide range of motion, but also had some amazing lighting effects! It’s like a Hildebrandt Brothers trading card sprung to life! The One Cam was one of the runners-up in our last Marvel Select photo contest, for his shot of Juggernaut, but DST felt that this new photo was head and shoulders above that one, and deserved recognition.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of the other entrants! To see a gallery of all of the entries, visit artasylum.com!

via Diamond Select Toys

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  1. Kevin Kortekaas
    March 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm — Reply

    I had a great idea of Colossus sitting on a to scale toilet, with the title “Colossal Dump”

    Would have been hilarious if I could have tracked down the actual figure.

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