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  1. With the fancy lettering, I’m led to only one logical conclusion:

    Wolverine and Cyclops are going to find out one of them is the father of a baby girl, but they won’t want to find out who the father is and decide to raise the kid together, resulting in wacky shennanigans and a guest appearance by Betty White.

    What? I don’t see you making any better guesses!

  2. There doesn’t seem to be any significant ‘couples’ in the X-Men right now that would happen. Emma and Cyclops? eh.. I don’t see that happening with this whole Phoenix event going down..

    Rogue and Magneto were close but that’s kind of over… Jean isn’t around *looks above at mention of Phoenix event* … yet …

    yea I don’t think we have to worry about Peter and Illyana going the Wanda/Pietro creepy vibe…

    Danger… Hope… Storm… oh… maybe Warren will get his memories back somehow and marries Psylocke? I think that or the Cyclops/Emma option are the two most likely…

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      Are you kiddin’ me???? What =better= time for Emmy-Boo & Ol’ One-Eye to get hitched, and then have it totally soap-operatically end up interrupted by the RETURNING JEAN GREY~! Who does the whole “If anybody here has a reason these two shouldn’t be married, please speak now or forever hold your peace…”-cued interruption with the announcement that ….. She’s having Scott’s BABY!!! (Somehow…? ) Said baby can tie into the whole upcoming Nu-Phoenix thing, thus proving Hope has been a “swerve” all along, and the X-men can get right back to being impossibly tangled! ^_^ (The saddest part about this half-baked theory is that half of me believes it’s possible.)

      • I’m still trying to decide if we’re going to have Jean return or if it’s going to be Hope that attracts it (unless I missed an announcement that she’s actually returning? If I have please speak up.)

  3. I will do better than saving the date. I will save the money by continuing to not buy Marvel comics.

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