MOVIES: Bolivar getting animated treatment


Bolivar, an upcoming graphic novel from Archaia Entertainment, doesn’t arrive in stores until May 2013, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from snagging the rights to turn it into an animated movie.

Written and illustrated by Sean Rubin, the graphic novel centres on a young girl named Sybil who moves to New York and finds out her neighbor is Bolivar, the last living dinosaur. Despite Sybil’s persistent efforts, Bolivar refuses to befriend her.

The dinosaur is somewhat of a recluse, tucked away from the world Sybil so desperately wants him to explore with her. He soon realizes how much she means to him and that he would risk everything for her.

The concept sounds really great for an all ages title, and if Warner Bros. does it right, it could be a great family movie for all time.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kealan O’Rourke, who won a best animation prize for The Boy in the Bubble at the Irish Film and Television Awards last year.

via THR