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The Off Season

This episode: Rob takes over as the Dungeon Master and spins a tale of Paladins and Dinosaurs. Meet the adventurers, the world, and the first conflict in this entertaining and engaging installment.

Paladins and Dinosaurs

Dino art by DR Studios


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  1. About the level of ‘out there’ that I was hoping from Rob. I would have never thought of this setting. I enjoyed it.

  2. Woo, paladins and dinosaurs! Only one paladin though?

    iirc, Rob might have mentioned doing this skill challenge self-introduction thing before? Glad to see it in action. I think it worked rather well!

    It’s pretty cool to see Rodrigo in action as a player too. Did he blow on his dice before he rolled them? Matthew as a strategizing diplomat is fun to listen to, too!

    Aside from the “big names”, the dinosaur nomenclature is a bit confusing. Once upon a time, I might have recognized the names but not so much anymore.

  3. For Stormwind Brokenhorn I envisage a young Charlie Sheen, especially through the strained “I am charming”.

  4. Alexander D. on

    Matthew’s character, Burai, reminds me of a character a friend of mine played in a game of Changeling: The Lost about a year back and its a fresh bit of nostalgia. Stephen’s character makes me smile, even when I don’t mean to. Rodrigo’s choices in character are also very well thought out and are entertaining as well. I hope to see how Brian’s character, and luck, pan out as the story goes along and I wish Rob the best of luck throughout this Campaign of his. PS: I love Dinosaurs, great choice!

  5. Several of the members, founding and otherwise, of CATT-G are paleo majors. Also good memory.

    You guys were having so much fun with this. And furthermore outdid yourselves.

    “And NOW I shall feed him… this fish.” “And that’s why he gets a canoe!”

    Rob: I was even making this one of the easier…
    Brian: Hey. Thanks.

    “*Mathew speak*”

    also I’m curious, did Rodrigo ever do the dinosaur being caught eating a sandwich motion during this episode? And I’m glad you guys are back in the roleplaying.

  6. LemmyCaution on

    I was surprised at the scenario that Rob dreamed up, but not surprised that he was able to envision it. Not getting to combat *killed* me, but I do like a slow burn sometimes, and the startup with a skills challenge really worked well. Lots of fun role playing, and I am glad that Matthew stood back enough (but just enough) to let Rob have some control while still letting his usual hijinks ensue. Can’t wait for next week! Kudos, I’m yours!

  7. I was looking forward to this already (It’s always neat to see someone else in the DM’s chair, as well as seeing the approaches you guys take to new characters.), but it was even better than I expected.

    Rob’s created an interesting world that feels very unique for a D&D setting, and it was really fun to listen to Rodrigo taking a turn in the player chair (and demonstrating he’s just as creative a player as he is a GM). I’m really enjoying all the characters, though, and can’t wait to hear what happens next.

    I’m curious: How many episodes should we expect from this? Was it a one-session deal, a short mini-campaign or is it shaping into something longer? I’m naturally curious as to what’s next in-store for the Torqueltones, but am also excited for Rob’s game to continue for as long as it wishes.

    I find myself wishing you guys had the time, money and inclination to make a full-fledged campaign out of both! :D

  8. litanyofthieves on

    Damn, this is fun stuff! I found this so entertaining it almost made me forget the cliffhanger ending of Celestial Crusade!

  9. I’ve been working on a dinosaur-esque one-shot for some of my college friends for a little while now, and then this showed up and threatens to put my ideas to shame. Rob, this is excellent.

    “We few, we happy few, we band of lizards….”

    You, sir Matthew, are a lizard among lizards. I salute you. And of course I want to smack Stephen’s character, but in a good way, as is always the case. Hilarity on all fronts, gentlemen. Kudos.

    Tribe of the Feathered Change? That sounds like a good name for a rock band. *rimshot*

    Also, Rodrigo, how much would you want me to pay you to follow me around for the day and provide boss percussion?

  10. What an entertaining show this was. Rob did an excelent job DMing, that’s a fascinating setting. New PCs are very very funny, I love them already. I can’t decide which one is my favourite yet since every single one is Awesome.
    Rodrigo is even funnier as a player, I can’t even pick which moments I enjoyed most: there were too many. Thank you guys, can’t wait to hear what happends next!

  11. J. R. Scherer on

    Very fun episode! I liked how full of themselves everyone was, even Brian.

    Would it be possible to get a rundown of the cast of players and their characters with races and classes included?

    • Seconded! And maybe for the regular podcast as well? I mean all the characters, even the “other third/holy rollers”…if they got leveled up that high.(sounds like they did but I know Rodrigo wasn’t sure where to level them to at one point.) I know Orim is Spiral Tower and Torq is Iron Vanguard…but I never heard what Key and Randus went into.

  12. You’re all knocking it out of the park, guys. Thanks for the entertainment.

    Could we get a rundown on everyone’s race and class? I keep imagining everyone as dragonborn even though I know that they aren’t.

    Thanks again.

  13. StellarLeader on

    I am fascinated by Rob’s setting. I want to see how does he deal with the custom Pantheon. I have one that I’ve carried on all the way from AD&D but there are some things that I haven’t been able to get right in 4th edition.

    All characters are so funny! People stared at me in the street everytime I started to laugh.

    I certainly miss the Torqletons, but this campaign looks like its gonna be very good as well.

  14. I’m having a tougher time imagining what everyone is, but I think that has to do with the different setting. Not being a D&D player, I have no idea what a Seder is either…

    Looking forward to the return of the Torqueltones, but these guys have some really good potential. Rob’s imagination shines through and I am looking forward to seeing how everyone plays it. Except Steven’s character, who will apparently be too busy partying with chicks to combat any coming menace.

  15. Great show! I love how he accomplishes the difficult task of shoving everyone into their character’s skin right off the bat by using a skill challenge that also forces them to roleplay. Such an awesome idea! Also, the whole dinosaurs worshipped as gods thing is very creative. When I heard dinosaurs on the previous show, I thought “well, guess I won’t be listening for a few weeks…” but I was pleasantly surprised! Keep the (critical) hits coming!

  16. I remember Rob talked in a previous episode about using the method of having everyone go in a skill challenge to prove why they’re so awesome and use it as a method to introduce characters to one another. It really works well to get everyone into their characters and show off what makes them unique, it’s an awesome method and one that I’m going to steal for my next game.

  17. Loved this episode…and I think I’ve gone back and listened to Stormwind’s parts more times than I care to count. Hilarious. The skills challenge as introduction is something I’ve wanted to try if I ever get a chance to run a campaign (my group is geographically challenged and aren’t open to virtual gaming for whatever reason), nice to see it in action here.

  18. Love the show, it just goes to show how versatile and clever you guys are. although there is something I have been suppressing since the beginning and can no longer hold it in. please, please, PLEASE, please, kill off matthew the everlasting newb. Give alex his spot, please. Thanks and keep up the great work of showing people that your minds eye can show you way more than you could ever see on a television.

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