Another day, another character and costume design from DC Comics showcasing characters appearing in the “Second Wave” of the New 52.  Today, it’s Kevin Maguire and his take on Supergirl of Earth-2.

“Superman’s cousin loves her adopted world with a passion, seeing how the people of Earth have adopted her and taken her to their hearts,” said EARTH 2 writer James Robinson. “She is the definitely brightest light among this first group of Earth 2 heroes.”

“Meet the Earth 2 Supergirl, aka Karen Starr,” said WORLDS’ FINEST editor Wil Moss. “As readers of MISTER TERRIFIC already know, Karen has been busy since she arrived on the main DCU Earth, creating a successful company and dating the brilliant Michael Holt. But what are her true motives behind those actions? How did she get here? And what incident prompts her to take up her new identity of Power Girl? Find out in WORLDS’ FINEST #1!”

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  1. I really like this look. I prefer it over her new Power Girl look. This is a nice design, and I prefer her hair like this.

  2. OOPS!
    Knee-pads… again!
    We are not playing soccer nor laying carpet…
    What is with all the KNEE-PADS!
    How about a big damn shield on your chest that keeps you from being shot in the HEART!
    Once upon a time… Bruce Wayne said that his “bat symbol” was an absolute target.
    It was “re-enforced” and could take a bullet.
    The only thing that “Knee-pads” are used for… cannot be mentioned on this site.
    Maybe DC can buy a bunch of used Bomber jackets from Marvel’s X-Men.
    And shall we add a ton of commando belts full of NOTHING to go to all the young warriors!?.
    What in the heck did Robin EVER pull out of his utility belt that saved the day?
    And, the Black Knight and Black Widow wore those jackets because the wanted to be cool?
    Supergirl was my first “comic book crush”… but Brainiac5 stole it ALL from me.

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      I was going to say this, only “… are the new POUCHES~!” ^_^ However, this isn’t horri-awful… It kinda makes sense, story-wise… I just wish they hadn’t used MSPaint to draw it, like another poster mentioned. :D

  3. I like how the Bat Symbol is a part of the cowl, but I’m not sure it works as nicely on Supes and Supergirl. It’s really hard to judge anything based on this sketch though, it might end up looking awesome. It does look different, so it’s got that going for it… which is nice.

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