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UPDATE: theFictory has surpassed its goal, but why not contribute anyway?  There are some good gifts that go with the donation.

theFictory animation studio based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania initiates a Kickstarter campaign to finish production on their animated film, Atomic Robo: Last Stop.

The film is based on the Atomic Robo comic series created by writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener. Joseph Krzemienski of theFictory is directing the film and collaborated with Clevinger to produce the screenplay. Production on the film has included 3D animation but most often, The Fictory uses traditional techniques with paper, pencil and ink as tools that keep with the spirit of the graphic novels.

The story takes place in modern day Kazakhstan where Atomic Robo and his team of Action Scientists are sent to intercept an anomaly detected in an abandoned Soviet Weapons depot. They must rush to find the source before a giant robotic husk housing the disembodied brain of a Nazi super scientist beats them to it.

With the artists time in increasingly higher demand, they had nearly given up on finishing Last Stop, which at is current state is about 65-70% completed. The option of using KICKSTARTER to produce the funds needed for completion changed things. “The possibility of taking Last Stop off the shelf has the whole crew fired up again”, says theFictory founder and Atomic Robo Last Stop director Joseph Krzemienski.

The KICKSTARTER campagin launched today enlisting the help of the Atomic Robo community, friends, fans, and indie investors of the internet. When complete, theFictory will post the completed film online for everyone to watch at no cost and submit to a substantial list of film festivals including several that are Academy Award qualifiers. As is tyipcal with a KICKSTARTER funding campaign, they are offering intriguing and desirable packages to prospective contributors. For more information on the Kickstarter campaign visit:


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  1. I don’t remember ever seeing a Kickstarter campaign succeed this quickly. Congrats to the AR team! I can’t wait to see this.

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