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The Off Season

This episode: There are so many letters in the mail bag, that we need to spend some time answering them for you, our valued and most loved listeners.


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    • SWEET! PALADINS FTW! But wait!…does that mean an entire PARTY of Paladins?? OoO

      Me wants! Me wants! There are 4 Paladin builds in 4E (not including Cavalier), so the party could easily assemble all four.

      Please let there be a Dragonborn Paladin in the party this time!!

  1. Heh my DM hates Gnomes so much he had created a god of gnome slaying who would smite with lightning any gnome who entered the plane. Iam not kidding this happened.

  2. I dont know why, but the last two “off-season” episodes have been awesome -thx.
    The whip can be found i different places, Dark Sun campainbook has it for one, you could also google “4E whip stat”

    • Speaking of whips…
      When Ket returns from demonic thralldom, he should upgrade his whip to a Scourge of Exquisite Agony… its 1d10,+2 proficiency and has a reach 2. It was first introduced in Heroes of Darkness …. Yay Power Creep! :-) (speaking strictly as a player)

  3. My brother has actually been developing a diceless system to play with a friend from school. They do a guess a number for conflict resolution. If the number is within a few numbers of what I was thinking you hit if far away you miss.

  4. For social stuff in Skill Chalenges:

    Have the players RP their part or at least describe the strategy of their argument before they roll. You have to say what you want to do with your athletic skill, why should it be different for a bluff check?

  5. I just started listening to your Critical Hit podcasts at work and can I say you have gotten me psyched to play 4e and start harassing my friends to play a campaign! The only sad thing for me is when going all the way back to the early episodes, I don’t get to see the images related to the game! Other than that, thanks for the awesome show!

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