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  1. I love the original. A lot. And I thought the remake had a few good things, but nothing about it really stuck with me. It did have a lot of problems from start to finish. It was basically just an action movie with pretty decent special effects. But that was a stupid Kraken.

    Even so, I didn’t hate it enough to refuse to see this. And I am glad to see they shot it in 3D instead of doing a post conversion. It looks very action-y, and since that was the best thing about the remake, it could be better. But not better than the original!

  2. I loved the original growing up, and the first movie definitely did not capture the same feeling – that said it was an ok action movie.

    This one I think I’ll need to see just to sate a love of mythological creatures since they seem to have included everything but the kitchensinkagriff.

  3. Chris_in_Texas on

    While i did like the 2010, digital effects heavy, remake of CotT. It failed to capture the magic of the 1981 original, which featured the incredible work of master stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Clash 2010, also lacked a sense of self. It fell short, in the character development department as well. With the number of characters involved in the story, the film did a major disservice to the fans by not fleshing out the rolls of Io, Zeus, Hades and the Djinn. The remaining gods and goddesses, of the Pantheon, played little or no roll in the film, which was disappointing.

    The remake basically, condensed what should have been two films into one. The tempo of the movie seemed rushed and was not helped by the way the final film was edited. I suspect that many quality moments fell to the cutting room floor. Many of the films best scenes were omitted from the film and relegated to the special features section of the DVD. One scene cut from the final film, which involved the interaction between Apollo and Perseus, was one of my personal favorites.

    The original Clash captured lightning in a bottle. It reintroduced the American movie goer to the magic of Greek mythos, and showed us that fantasy and mythology could be used to drive a major Hollywood motion picture.

    That being said, I believe that the one major drawback, to the modern remakes of classic films, is they rely too much on computer generated effects, when practical in camera effects work would be so much better. In my opinion, the reliance on digital effects subtracts from the, “realism” of the, interaction between the protagonist and his modern digital antagonist.

    I will admit, when watching the original Clash today, the effects are obviously dated and for lack of a better term are almost comical when compared to the seamless CGI beasties, we have become accustomed to in this day and age.

    In closing, let me say that I did enjoy CotT 2010. It would have been much better as a two parter, but that argument is academic at this point. I hope that Wrath will learn from the missteps, of the first film and improve in the areas that need it.

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