Zenescope Entertainment has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in April 2012.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Alice In Wonderland Issue #4
Raven Gregory (W) Robert Gill (A) Jason Embury (C)
Cover A By  Stjepan Sejic

The Queen of Spades stands fully revealed as the grand manipulator behind the events of Alice’s escape from the Jabberwocky.  But what are her intentions?  The answer is revealed and it will set Alice on a path to insanity from which she may never return. Elsewhere the armies of Wonderland
are closing in on Alice and in order to prevent the madness of Wonderland
from escaping into our world, Alice will have to lead an army of her own
against the very creature she fears the most.  Zenescope’s twisted version
of Wonderland continues!  Follow us back down the rabbit hole!!

Charmed Issue #20
Paul Ruditis (W) Dean Kotz (A)
Cover: David Seidman

With Magic School’s doors no longer open, Knox Academy is one of the few places on Earth that can provide a safe haven for those in need. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must team with the staff to protect themselves and their friends from the government’s modern day witch hunt that has  deemed anyone like them to be the enemy.

Grimm Fairy Tales # 72
Written By Raven Gregory
Cover A By Mike Capprotti

Sela’s journey to find the place known only as the tomb of Death leads her to a small town that may hold the secrets to its location.  There she learns the truth of the temple that was once the training grounds for the knights of the realm and the tragic tale of their corruption and downfall at the hands of the Dark One’s minion, the evil Winter Witch.

Grimm Fairy Tales April Fools’ Edition #3
Written By Ralph Tedesco
Cover A By Anthony Spay

The sophomoric yet hilarious foray into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe makes a return!  The first two editions left most fans wanting more and left others’ wondering if we’d completely lost our minds.  But we’re back at it yet again so read at your own risk! Some of your favorite stories from the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe are completely re-lettered to create brand new story-lines that will have you laughing out loud.  Grimm Fairy Tales once again gets the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” treatment and you don’t want to miss the fun!

Grimm Fairy Tales presents THE JUNGLE BOOK #2
Written By Mark Miller
Cover A By Mike DeBalfo

Shere Kahn prepares to strike at the very heart of the wolf clan beginning with his most hated rival and Mowglii’s surrogate mother, mother wolf. Meanwhile Mowglii’s wanderings bring her face to face with one of the most ferocious creatures in the jungle, the vicious bear Baloo.  And her first encounter with the beast may very well prove to be her last.

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #16
Written By Raven Gregory
Cover A By Stjepan Sejic

Samantha, Baba Yaga, the Dark One and The Sea Witch… What do these four powerful beings have in common?  Each are searching for falsebloods who dwell on earth in preparation of a war that looms on the horizon.  And what part will the rogue Beast play in the final end game?  The seeds are planted and secrets are revealed in this not to be missed issue!  From the creative minds behind the Wonderland trilogy and Dream Eater saga comes the story that sets the stage for the next evolution of the Grimm universe.

The Waking: Dreams End #1
Written By Raven Gregory
Artwork By Novo Malgapo

The HIT series that redefines the Zombie genre returns!  Years have passed since the events of The Waking took place.  Murder has become practically extinct in a world armed with the knowledge that those who are murdered will return from the dead to take the lives of those guilty…  But within a new world comes a new kind of killer.  And he must be stopped!  From the writer and creator of the Wonderland trilogy and Fly comes a return to the horror that never sleeps.

Grimm Different Seasons TPB Volume 2
Written By: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco and Raven Gregory

Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales continues the tradition of re-inventing classic stories with terrifying twists. This 2nd volume of Grimm Fairy Tales Different Seasons trade paperback collects some of the series most popular one-shots. Included are the 2011 Holiday Edition, 2011 Halloween Edition, 2008 original Grimm Fairy Tales Annual and the 2009 Grimm Fairy Tales Annual.

Jurassic Strike Force 5 #5
Written By Joe Brusha
Cover By Ciao Cacau

The evil alien overlord Zalex’s secret weapon has been revealed and Rex and the rest of the Strike Force really have their hands full. Will they be able to defeat such a formidable foe?

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