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The valley of the sun is welcoming the very best talents in the state for the first annual Arizona Comic Mini Expo on May 5, 2012. ACME is a one-day event being held at the Samurai Comics location on Country Club and Southern in Mesa.

Northern Arizona̵based artist Ryan Cody is spearheading the event. “I was talking with a couple fellow comic artists about how great it would be to have a mini-convention that was put together by creators.” Inspired by his past experiences at Free Comic Book Day events at the former Atomic Comics in Mesa, Ryan knew he wanted to hold the event at the same location. “Mike Banks at Samurai Comics opened up a new branch last year when Atomic closed, right next door to the old Atomic Mesa shop, so I emailed Mike and asked if he would be interested in hosting ACME, and he was happy to do so.”

There is a wealth of comic talent in the Phoenix area and ACME takes advantage of that, boasting the best lineup in the Southwest. Inaugural guests include: former Flash writer and DC Comics editor Brian Augustyn; Invincible co-creator, Marvel and Image Comics artist Cory Walker; Marvel and DC artist Scott Kolins; Spider-Man artist Patrick Scherberger; Aspen Comics artist Tony Parker; Boom Studios artist Scott Godlewski; Image Comics colorist and creator Jay Fotos; Marvel and DC colorists Hi-Fi Color; Dan & Dawna Davis, authors and illustrators from Steam Crow; Image Comics and sketch card artist Ben Glendenning; Viper and Image Comics creator Ryan Cody; and self publishers and independent artists Jim Hanna, John “Dadicus” West and Ernie Najera round out the guest list.

With a range of writers, artists, colorists and editors that have done work for every major publisher in the country, ACME offers something for everyone, and it’s all for free. A oneday mini-convention that celebrates comic book creators. According to Ryan, “When I talked this over with Scott Godlewski and John West, we knew we wanted the focus to be on the artists. No movie stars, no gimmicks, no panels, just a great opportunity for fans to meet these great creators, one on one.”

In addition to the event on May 5th, ACME is hosting a gallery event on Friday May 4th at Gotham City Comics in downtown Mesa. Original art by many of the guests will be on display as well as a unique live art event that will benefit the HERO Initiative.

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