Last week, Bruce Campbell took the belt in the B-Movie actor fight, and this week we want to see if he (as Ashley J. Wiliams) can defeat the captain of the Enterprise.  Will it be the chainsaw wielding, time-traveling, zombie killer, or will it be the space-faring, time-traveling, lady killer who comes out on top of an all out brawl to end it all?


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  1. Kirk has this. A full crew, phazers, star ship vs. “boomstick” and metal hand. Heck battle would probly be over before it started. Scotty would try to beam Ash up and oops transporter malfunction.

  2. No one can stand against the Starfleet “Double-fist Smash” fighting technique!
    Also, if you give him the time to prepare Kirk will totally come at you with a bazooka.

  3. I love Ash, but Kirk wins this one. Ash is tenacious and creative to be sure, but Kirk is a military man trained in tactics as well as hand to hand combat. See the ST:TOS episode ‘Arena’.

  4. This was a tough call but I went with Ash. Kirk, Lord bless him, was terribly incontinent when it came to fistfights… wait… I mean inconsistent…. in one episode, like Arena, he’d beat the bejesus out of any opponent once his uniform shirt got ripped and he’d go SuperKirkian; but on the next episode he’d get the stuffing kicked out of him by somebody who shouldn’t have been able to take him, like Captain Tracy from “Omega Glory”, an elderly, gray-haired starship captain who had the pshyscial build of the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.
    Ash, on the other hand, rarely lost a fight and, like Jay Leno, he has the better chin.

  5. I’d have to go with Ash, just because he’s the more ruthless of the two.

    Kirk and Ashe are equally matched in almost every way : badass status, general awesomeness, combat smarts and attitude, crazy technology…

    In the end it comes down to who is most ferocious, and Kirk never had the makings of a homicidal maniac, whereas Ash has no such qualms.

    Plus, even though you could make the argument that Kirk has 23rd century gizmos on his side, let’s face it, Ash has faced worse odds than that and won. He could probably hijack a phaser and integrate it into his chainsaw arm in the time it would take you to say “montage”.

  6. Had to go with Ash on this one. Ash doesn’t have technology, or a crew or a freakin’ starship to rely on, he has himself and his trusty boomstick, so I figure he’s going to be a bit tougher than Kirk.

  7. no contest, Ash all the way. Ash is the only man,man enough to load a double barrel shotgun with a chainsaw for a hand. Also chainsaws don’t have a stun setting (nor is it needed).

  8. Depends on if it’s a fight to the death or not. If not, Kirk wins because he can out-cheat Ash. But, if it’s a fight to the death, Ash plays for keeps.

    Better than that though, they should team up!

    “This is my BOOM-KIRK!”


  9. Ash all the way, he has fought and won against enemies with superhuman strength, stamina and endurance, deadites rip people apart with their bare hands, yet when they punch Ash he’s only slightly dazed, dude is one thought hombre.

    Kirkman on the other hand.. has to poop!

  10. Kirk may cheat on the Kobayashi Maru test, but all Ash has to do is tell Kirk his shoelaces are untied and he’s got him dead to rights. Plus, a phaser set to stun is not an ideal weapon against a man literally armed with a chainsaw and a BOOMSTICK.

  11. Bruce Cambell created “The Bruce Campbell” as demonstrated in last weeks poll, but Shat created the Geek Icon without which there would be no “The Bruce Campbell” sub catagory to even consider.

  12. I voted Kirk also, he created us all. (plus he’s Canadian, gotta go with my home country boy)

    As a side note, I tried to vote using the sidebar widget, and it wouldn’t let me vote for Kirk. I had to scroll to the actual story to get my vote to register.

  13. Kirk has an entire Federation as backup. Kirk has a Starship. Kirk wins on backup and Technology. Kirk has better training. They are even on the ability to turn junk into useful weapons (Kirk does it on numerous episodes and ash does it in his latest movie). Kirk has the more manly name his middle name is Tiberius for Pete’s sake. Ash’s real name is Ashley, that’s a girls name. To me Kirk wins on points.

  14. At the end of the day, though, I prefer to think of them in a massive fist fight. calling it a draw when neither can move. then they stagger to a bar and get drunk together and talk about babes.

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