20th Century Fox is bringing Zorro back to the big screen, and it’s tapped Gael Garcia Bernal as the masked swordsman.

According to Variety, this version of Zorro won’t be set in the old west, but rather a “futuristic reboot of the Zorro mythology,” with Mexican actor Bernal playing “a Spanish swordman as a masked vigilante bent on revenge.”

Wow… that’s all I can say. Like the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood, and Jim Rockford, certain characters work best in very specific time periods, and having a futuristic Zorro running around seems a bit on the odd side.

via Variety


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  1. Zorro Beyond? Hmm. They could recruit George Hamilton (AND George Hamilton!) to revive his take on a very aged Zorro advising our new hero. Though heaven help us when Bunny Wigglesworth shows up!

  2. Didn’t someone try a futuristic Phantom a time or two?
    This smells like what it is. Steaming turd idea.
    The mythos of “Zorro” has been messed with for decades…
    Remember the Zorro movie that young Bruce Wayne and his parents had just seen… inspired him to become Batman. (After all that killing stuff with roses and pearls.)
    I watched the somewhat cheezy Disney series with Guy Williams when I was a kid.
    And, I can understand how inspirational this icon can be.
    Please don’t put a light saber and electric bullwhip in his hands!

  3. Oh I get it.This is suppose to be like that short lived cartoon series on the Fox network based on the Phantom comic strips called Phantom 2040.This new take on the Phantom had him living in a futuristic world as he inherited the ring and role of the Phantom.Now we get to see Zorro in a futuristic world.Interesting concept.Curious as how it plays out on the big screen.

  4. “Futuristic reboot” is very vague. It doesn’t necessarily mean science fiction… although you almost have to go that way for us to come back around to making swordsmanship a viable thing. It could mean the approach to the reboot is futuristic, not the film itself… but that’s stretching.

    The appeal of a period piece property relies a lot on people liking and knowing the period, the property, and its tropes and while I’m a big Zorro / Western fan, I think its safe to say the genre is a bit in decline lately and the whole of pop-culture’s understanding of Zorro likely comes from a 1998 film (did anyone see 2005’s Legend?), which covered the ground fairly thoroughly. So unless they want to be like Pirates- which has sought for increasingly tenuous links to fictional pirate themes- and completely mine out the franchise, I can understand wanting to go an entirely different way. But what a weird way it is….

    • Fact of the matter is the hero we all know as Zorro will be fighting an enemy in a futuristic setting.So I’m curious if that is indeed the case, how is the film not jumping into the science fiction genre? Especially if say they decided to add robots or who knows maybe a human cyborg in the film.You can’t say that’s not a possibility especially with a futuristic scenario.I could see it from your point of view if they did not use the term futuristic but they did.Futuristic implies that we are going to see some high tech devices in the new Zorro film.You can’t even compare this to the last Zorro movie as the director of that film wanted to use the classic setting from the books.

      In other words in simpler times before the Ipad and all of our amazing high tech devices.They intentionally said Futuristic reboot as to tell us that we will see some cool gadgets in this Zorro movie.Does it mean robots and other machines will be in the film? It’s possible and probable that it will happen.

    • I just realize that this Zorro film just by reading the synopsis is sounding more like the Book Of Eli which also took place in a post apocalyptic future world.It might be closer to being more like that film then some Terminator cross over flick with Zorro duking it out with a machine man.

      • The log line is:

        “The western frontier has re-emerged and, as in the past, a hero will answer the people’s cry for justice. “

  5. Plus one other thing is that with the Cat Out Of The Bag so to speak when they said a futuristic reboot, they want us to envision Zorro in a brand new environment that doesn’t take place in the past like the last Zorro film which was great but this film is meant to take Zorro to new heights.By placing him a a future setting it means that anything is possible.You can have fantastic technology in this film and even more incredible not to mention a more threatening arch enemy for Zorro.Someone who will give him more of a challenge and the endless thrills.

  6. Zorro appears in future California carrying his trusty blade. He sees his enemy the Masked Teleporter.
    Zorro lunges at him while slashing his trusty blade.
    The Masked Teleporter allows him to do this, all the while sending Zorro’s lower half to Mars.
    Movie ends… credits roll… good times.

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