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Already considered a leader in the realm of digital comics, as The Huffington Post reports, Archie has now taken it one step further by integrating digital comics directly onto the Archie Facebook page, giving over one hundred thousand fans access to Archie’s digital library via Graphicly. Archie CEO Jon Goldwater expounds on this new initiative with this, “We want Archie to be available to everyone everywhere. We want to create a one-stop shop — an Archie “superstore” that’ll serve everyone’s needs. That’s the goal. Digital is part of that over-arching plan.”

Whether it’s the Archie Meets KISS crossover or Kevin Keller’s wedding in Life with Archie, one word keeps coming up again and again to describe the current state of the decades old publisher – Progressive. Capitalizing on this perception, Archie continues to go where no comic book publisher has gone before; stretching the limits of what is possible in the digital market and making it easier than ever for fans to have access to Archie’s array of titles.

In terms of Facebook numbers, Archie is in league with the top publishers having the third highest fan base online overall illustrating Archie’s viral reach. This should see continued growth as digital sales continue to rise. Goldwater states, “Our Archie Comics app, which is powered by the team at iVerse, has been downloaded close to 4 million times, and our comics are routinely among the most downloaded titles.” To top it off, Archie will also launch the first-ever digital superhero universe with our Red Circle Comics app just to cover all bases. In addition, Robot 6 picked up on this major step in digital distribution.

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