DIGITAL COMICS: Moonstone to take original title to ComiXology


Moonstone Books has announced it is releasing a never published before title in digital form, exclusively on the ComiXology app.

Team up in this one-shot, 60pg, super groovy spy thriller!
Vertigo’s crime writer Gary Phillips (Angel Town, Cowboys) presents this oversize comic one time event!
For the first time ever Zen freelance spy Derek Flint, the cool curvaceous
private eye Honey West, and the mysterious secret agent super-hero Captain Action team up in a story in swingin’ sixties L.A. to battle hippie
robots, mobbed-up, ray gun totting gangsters, a wigged out mad scientist,
brainwashed GIs and an alien menace we could only called DANGER A-GO-GO.  Dig it!

I glad to see more companies exploring the digital only release, and depending on how heavy ComiXology pushes the title in its online store, a fair number of eyeballs could land on this book and pick it up.

According to Moonstone, the book would cost $6.99 in the brick and mortar, but will only set you back $3.99 in digital form.

via Moonstone Books