TELEVISION: Arrow’s family member found – also, Black Canary?


As CW’s Arrow begins production of the pilot, the cast of the Green Arrow retelling shapes up with two family members, and a love interest.

We already know Stephen Amell has been cast as DC’s green vigilante, and now we’ve learned that Katie Cassidy has been cast as Laurel, a young legal clinic attorney who shares a romantic past with Oliver.

Wait? Laurel – as in Dinah “Laurel” Lance?

Also joining the cast is Willa Holland, who will play Thea Queen, “Oliver’s celebutante younger sister who’s testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior.”  Susanna Thompson, has been cast as Oliver’s mother, Moira Queen.

The pilot is being directed by David Nutter, and hopefully we’ll see it air on the CW this fall.

via Deadline