TOYS: BTTF Hoverboards are real (don’t glide on water)


Mattel has announced something every Back to the Future II fans have been waiting to hear – Hoverboards are here.

Before you get too excited, these hoverboards won’t hover, but they do glide… whatever that means… From looking at the bottom of this 1:1 prop replica, those hover pads look a lot like those furniture gliders I used last week when I was cleaning the house.

The bad news is there will be a limited number of boards made, and you can bet they will cost you a pretty penny for the only fact that Mattel won’t tell us how much it is going to cost.  Considering the Ghostbusters trap replica sold for $135, I expect this board to reach the same monetary proportions.

Pre-orders begin March 1, 2012, and according to Mattel, if there aren’t enough people who pre-order, the hoverboards won’t get made.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of people who pick up this bright pink look at what 2015 looks like through the eyes of studio from the 1980s.

via Mattel