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The LIBERTY GIRL is on tap to return this summer in an all-new series of adventures from writer Richard Martin and artist Mark Sparacio.

Heroic Publishing has scheduled the fourth issue of Liberty Girl for a late June release, just in time for the July 4th holiday.

Liberty Girl #4 will feature a book-length, 28-page adventure, featuring a guest appearance by the HUNTSMAN, from the League of Champions. As fans of the Heroic Publishing titles already know, the Liberty Girl (Elena Hunter) and the Huntsman (Donald Hunter) share a last name. Beginning in this issue, we explore the long-standing relationship between these two great characters, as they team up to investigate the tragic death of Fletcher the Bowman, one of the greatest heroes of World War II.

In addition to appearing in her own bimonthly title, the Liberty Girl will also appear quarterly in issues of Liberty Comics. Where the Liberty Girl title focuses on her adventures in the world of today, Liberty Comics focuses on tales of her deeds of derring-do during the dark days before, during, and after the second World War. Together, Liberty Girl and Liberty Comics will provide fans of the Liberty Girl with a complete history of America’s bronze goddess of freedom.

An online preview of Mark Sparacio’s fantastic artwork for Liberty Girl #4 can be seen online on the Heroic Publishing website at

Heroic Publishing’s line of comic book titles, including Flare, Champions, Liberty Girl, Murcielaga She-Bat, and Roy Thomas’s Alter Ego, are not distributed through normal comic book distribution channels. Retailers interested in carrying this and other Heroic Publishing titles should visit the Heroic Distribution website and register for a retail account at

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