It wasn’t too long ago that the mere mention of Bruce Campbell would send the fan boys and fan girls into fits of giggling happiness and joy.  Lately, a number of other B-listers are encroaching on his turf.  Enter one Nathan Fillion.


Who would win in a fight? Bruce Campbell or Nathan Fillion?

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  1. Old school vs. new school
    Scowl vs scowl
    Boom stick vs. blaster revolver
    Delta 88 Oldsmobile w/ propeller hoor ornament vs. Weaponless Serenity
    Evil Dead vs River
    Chain saw hand vs…well, Malcolm has nothing comparable

    Oooooo, decisions, decision!!

    • Here I was going, “I don’t know who to pick? How am I going to decide?”

      You’ve saved me from much deliberation.

  2. Love Nathan for no ther reason then him stating as Mal “if someone trys to kill you you kill em right back” in Firefly,but Bruce has this. After all he was Autolycus : King of Thieves.

  3. So, given this is actor vs. Actor I think I have to give it to the more youthful Fillion. Love Bruce and all, but he’s got a few years handicap.

    But this is how the scenario would really go: Villain dupes heroes to fight, uses sultry eye candy to distract them, witty banter exchanged, heroes realize mistake and double “two-fisted justice” their way to the awesome explosive victory.

  4. I wish a choice was neither. I love Mr. Fillion’s acting, but I would pick Scottish/American actor John Barrowman over both Mr. Campbell and Mr. Fillion. Both are great actors though!

  5. Loved Firefly, loved Army of Darkness… Arghhh! Can’t choose! “Klaatu barada nikto!” *pops up in the far future* We’ll that wasn’t any help…

  6. Bruce Campbell would prevail because of all his spy training as Sam on Burn Notice. Sorry Nathan Fillion, Chuck Finlay is just too much for you.

  7. Went for Bruce Campbell, but it was close close close. I think they should not fight, instead they should team up and go on adventures. It would be awesome, and everyone would be happy. :)

  8. Were the winners here. Because after they fight for a bit, they decide to team up,like all good superheroes.

    Seriously, these guys could redefine the buddy movie. Picture them in a film about two charming con men or something. Squee.

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