AUCTION: Frank Miller’s Dark Knight cover up on the auction block


Heritage Auctions continues to tantalize comic book fans with fantastic art offerings this month. First it was Calvin and Hobbes, and now we learn that the auction site has nabbed the original cover artwork for The Absolute Dark Knight collection, and the other is the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 10th anniversary edition.

“It took me years to define, in my own mind, Batman as less a creature of vengeance than of vigor,” Miller said of the drawing. “This piece is one of my personal favorites. To me, it sums the man up.”

“The savage violence, the unparalleled use of strobe-like high-contrast graphics, the relentless attack of Batman’s campaign, all of these elements are perfectly crystallized in this image,” said Todd Hignite, Vice President of Heritage Auctions. “This hauntingly iconic cover image is all Miller pencils and inks and represents one of the most striking pieces of his artwork to become available at auction.”

Both pieces are expected to sell for more than $50,000.

via Heritage Auctions