Newsarama has an interesting interview with Mark Waid, where the scribe reveals that he is ending his popular Irredeemable and Incorruptible series from BOOM! Studios in May 2012.

I’m just stretched thin right now both personally and professionally, and I live in mortal fear that I’m going to overstay my welcome on these books. Moreover, I feel that Max Damage’s character arc is reaching its end in Incorruptible. And in Irredeemable, I’ve long known what the end of that series is, and lately, it’s as if all the characters are moving into position for it whether I want them to or not. So let’s go out big and grand, I say.

The interview goes on, and Waid does tease that there could be a television deal in the works, though I doubt we’ll see mothers and babies burn up on screen.

I know there is going to be more than one person who is heartbroken over this news, and that’s why we have a comment section below. The final issue for Irredeemable will be #37, while Incorruptible will end with issue #30.

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  1. Brannigan's Law on

    Irredeemable has been good. I’ve been wondering how it was going to end. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  2. I’m sad to see the big blond psycho go but on the up side at least he wont have out stayed his welcome. (Just to be clear I’m talking about The Plutonian not Mark Waid I’m sure he’s charming.)

  3. I am glad he is choosing to end them. Both stories seemed like finite plotlines so I am glad he isn’t trying to make it last longer than it should. When I picked up the books initially I was hoping they would end pretty quickly, so 3 years is pretty good.

    • Rocket Rooster on

      100% agree.

      Always leave ’em wanting more and not overstaying one’s welcome is just a universal constant that I wish more creators applied to themselves. It ain’t easy, the temptation to go “one more time” is extremely seductive but overall it’s better to quit or end while you’re ahead.

  4. Actually, I think Waid is doing a wise thing ending the series. It’s not like two characters like this can continue on ad infinitum. I hope that he will give us a good, satisfying ending and, in true comics fashion, leave the door open for possible future returns to the “Irredeemable” universe or possible a prequel series from the period before The Plutonian goes postal on humanity.

  5. Yay! Not that it’s ending… but yay because it is ending. Few series are allowed to end. They either go on far too long or are cancelled without warning. In the early 80s comic boom I bought into some wonderful creator owned series, and some of the best ended up going to pot because the writer/artist lost interest and turned the work over to lesser beings. American Flagg was one. Elfquest was another, The Badger, I am Coyote, and many others I can’t think of just now. All those series should have ended before they got turned over to other artists as the original charm was lost along with the original artist. Imagine if Dave Stevens had gotten half way through the first Rocketeer arc and got bored with it and hired Steve Ditko to finish it up? I just wouldn’t have been the same.

  6. Well, no series lasts forever. I’m actually glad that Waid is finishing an ending for both Irredeemable and Incorruptible before he overstayed his welcome. This has been an excellent saga and I’ve enjoyed it very much to the end.

  7. Sorry to see these go, but damn they will go out with bangs while strong. :) This will just leave me collecting Supergirl and FTL now. :( I get Incorruptible via Comixology and Irredeemable in trades.

  8. Every time I think that Waid can’t get any better, he does something like this!

    Have to give respect to a writer that knows when to end a series. We can always look forward to one-shots in the future if he decides to do so.

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