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Threadless, Chicago’s beloved international online community-based design platform, has partnered with four comic artist icons to create its fourth series of the Comics-On Tees line. With artwork by Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla, this new t-shirt series depicts a storyline written by Chris Roberson and will be available for purchase individually or as a set exclusively at

Comics-On Tees was created in 2010 to continue Threadless’ mission to inspire awesomeness and support its artist community with new design opportunities. Threadless launched the Comics-On Tees line to empower artists who are passionate about comics to translate a comic book into a series of tees.

The Comics-On Tees Volume Four series, titled “Monkey Around,” begins with a t-shirt telling a story about a mad scientist; shirt two showcases a scene resembling the cover of old romance comics or issue of Archie; shirt three follows a monkey super hero; and the final t-shirt resembles a scene from a 1950s monster comic or Japanese kaiju flick. Each t-shirt tells its own stand-alone story as well as fits into a bigger picture sequence of stories.

“Years ago when I first discovered Threadless, and since then, easily half of my wardrobe at any given moment is made up of Threadless tees,” said Chris Roberson, iconic comic book author. “And when the first Comics-On Tees line was released in 2010, I bought every one and wore them to pieces. This year when I was approached by Threadless to do my own line of Comics-On Tees, I couldn’t possibly refuse! Now, I just can’t wait to wear them!”

Comics-On Tees are available for purchase at and retail for $24 for one t-shirt and $79 for the complete set of four.

About Threadless
Threadless is an online community of artists and friends. As the company explores new opportunities and canvases for its artists, it keeps true to the core of its business; anyone from any corner of the Internet can make and pick what Threadless sells. Since 2000, thousands of artists have submitted their work. And every single week, Threadless transforms their weird, geeky, and beautiful ideas into tangible art. Join their community of 1.7 million – make, pick, play, and shop at


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Press Release

Press Release

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