AUCTION: Action Comics #1 on auction block


While the news that Nicolas Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1 went for over a million dollars in auction, there are other not so great editions of the issue still floating around, and they also command a high price.

Take, for example, the current eBay auction for a 7.0 graded and slabbed copy of Action Comics #1 that is currently going for over $75,000.  Only 18 people have bid on the issue as of this writing, and because it doesn’t have a reserve price, someone will most certainly walk away with this rare find when the auction ends in just over a week.

With less than 100 believed to exist, the demand for this comic is phenomenal. Make no mistake about it, someone will be the new owner of this comic in 10 days since we are proud to offer this example of comic’s Holy Grail with NO RESERVE. This particular Action Comics #1 has been professional examined and graded by CGC the top 3rd party independent comic grading service within the hobby. CGC has confirmed all the paper restoration work done and has assigned the appropriate grade. Unlike other restored copies, even the trained eye would have a hard time spotting the professional restoration job on the brilliant cover which looks every bit VF/NM.

Got some money to throw around?  Better get bidding!

via eBay