ME WANT: Power Ranger hoodies


My four year old came home from the store the other day wearing a Red Power Ranger mask and doing all the karate moves that he thought looked cool.  Though he has never seen a Power Ranger in his life, I guess it is time to go down that path.  I’m not gonna be one of those parents that buy their kid a cheap costume and send them out into the world to fight Lord Zedd or Hydro Hog.  I want my kid to at least have some protection from the weather.

Fortunately, there are Power Ranger hoodies that should do just that.

These are custom jobs that will set you back around $85.00, and though the price may sound high for a sweat jacket, at least you’ll be stylin’ as the Putty Patrol kick your butt.

I know Matthew is already trying to stake claim on the Pink Ranger hoodie, even though the Red Ranger is all slick and shiny.  And who can blame him, that Amy Jo Johnson is still super hot…

via Geekologie