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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The attack begins, and the alliance is surprised by a sudden surprise twist! SURPRISE!


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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. The Great NateO on

    Rodrigo does it yet again and puts everyone on their toes. Great show guys, and do not worry I’m sure not everyone is dead. Wait you guys already know, dame guess I have to see next week. This is the only reason to get up early on a Saturday – Critical Hit

    All Hale Randus.

    • Haha, I got the exact same Return of the Jedi vibes. I was wating for the “Wait, that thing is operational” reference from someone.

  2. Aspiring Spambot on

    The demon equivalent of an imp is a quasit. Other than alignment, I seem to remember them being entirely identical. The difference in name is probably mostly just to justify them going off on anyone who confuses the two.

  3. Epic? I love you guys, but I am going with “protracted.” I can’t even remember who Gruumsh is at this point. Still love the show, and I look forward to every episode.

      • I did! I was really into it, too. Loved hearing the team come together and the evolution of Brian and Rob as “on-air” talent. Then it got close to losing the loss of Smith, and I couldn’t go through that again!!

    • Gruumsh… The God of Battle. One of the five evil gods.

      In regards to the episode, I loved the entire thing. I had to drive around 4 hours for work today, and I ended up listening to the episode twice during the drive. Amazing job helping us visualize the entirety of the battlefield and the epic scope of things. A+ work.

      PS – Stephen, in skill encounters you don’t have to use your existing powers as the explanation for your actions with your arcana. Just blast some people with your magical badassitude!

  4. I was NOT expecting that. I’m guessing A Companion To Whispers is a sub-entity of She Who Slumbers In Agony? Great to see Grumsh join in.

    Has the party used their “Thony saves us from the blond guy” yet this season?

  5. Rodrigo, way to go! Amazing mental picture. When Bahamut slams into that thing it really felt (for lack of a better word) epic. I really hope Corellon puts on his serious face and hops into the fray next to Bahamut and Grumsh, I want to see what that guy can do when he sets his mind to something. Stephen, I’ve said it before but this time I’m serious. I’ll never forgive you for this cliff hanger! Well, maybe.

  6. Unholy mother of Vecna!


    Great job Rodrigo, standard Critical Hit, then the Gods start fighting, talk about a 3d worthy fight!

  7. *starts waiting….patiently* Is it Friday/Saturday yet? It would be awesome if Critical Hit was animated in a anime (without tentacles) style. Either way truly epic. Oh was Rodrigo wearing the fez?

  8. Hmmm… I liked it. Good times, especially liked Matthews reaction to the Gothis cathedral void seed with eyes that see nothingness. Also thank you for the fleet discriptions. Go go Exedrin Migraine!

  9. O-M-F-G! From now on, a ‘Rodrigo’ story is one that makes ‘epic’ stories look like bad jokes.
    I wish I had any drawing or painting talent… the mental picture I got for the battle is simply amazing. Kudos to Rodrigo for that. And thank you everyone! You guys rock!

  10. Ket will live. No way he becomes some type of demi-god and then dies so uncerimoniously. Hey, we ever get that Smith statue?

    And is Vecna the reason the bubble expanded, or was that just coincidence? Hmmmm…

    Rodrigo for new King of Town! Huzzah!

  11. Finally got caught up with the last few episodes. Wonderful stuff Rodrigo, and kudos to all the players for being willing to do so much rollplaying.

    I was very suprised that none of the party realized the small legless scout Void creatures were the lizard monkey’s. It seemed like Rodrigo was going out of his way to make that obvious, but no one seemed to catch it. Or did I just jump to the wrong conclusion?

    And also I appreciate the way Stephen tries to reference his actual powers when using arcana in skill challenges. Though he does seem to overuse his cantrips like Ghost Sound. I was really hoping that on one of his arcana rolls he’d have described it as casting Mordinkenon’s Sword outside the Bomb Bolt. I love the image of a sword flying out in front of the ship slashing up any Void monsters that got in the way.

  12. … … … WOW. Rodrigo, that was probably the most awesome battle sequence I’ve ever heard a DM describe. Extra kudos for making me laugh in the middle of it, (Correllon: Ha-hah! hahahahah! *jumps away*)

    Stephen… Worst cliffhanger since the dreamy episodes at lolth’s hideout.

    And… two words which I think sum up the entire episode.

    Poor Rob.

  13. Oh, my word, that was epic! I love this show so much. I hope that someday when I play D&D with other people (it’s going to happen!) I have a DM who is half as imaginative and awesome as Rodrigo, and fellow players who really invest something into the characters like you guys do.

    I can’t wait for Saturday — I just want to know what is going to happen to everyone!

  14. BavarianGnomes on

    Stephen, I think you should have an in-character blog on the site written in the style of Orem’s Diary.
    That Judy Blum reference from last week still makes me chuckle.

    Also, Rodrigo, good job at finding the right balance of creepy and epic. Effective stuff that Excedrin PM! ;-)

    Oh and is it Friday yet? No? Where’s that darned Triskelion when you need it?!?

  15. I wonder if The Queen’s Rebellious Daughter will make an appearance?

    PS Did we ever find out who she and Resplendent Tiger work for?

  16. Amazing, truly amazing.You guys are awesome. Through a chanced comment I read in one of the rpg wesbites, I found someone making a comment about Torq being THE badass in 4e.. not knowing what this meant, I looked for who this Torq was and his band of merry torqueltones, and thus I was introduced to D&D podcasting heaven. “Word-of-mouth” works, so to speak. I know this comment comes one year later (I have been listening for a few months now since episode 1 (which was initially hard to find)), but this episode and the last few climatic episodes were amazing: lots of roleplaying, lots of plot, lots of brainfood for the imagination, and I laughed and gasped to no limit. I don’t know how Rodrigo gets his inspirations, but he should be writing fantasy books! The action and sheer enjoyment of these sessions wouldn’t be there if Stephen, Rob, Brian and Matthew did not lend themselves to great roleplaying and in-character acting (and out-of-character comedy). Sometimes what they do or say are flukes, sometimes they are on purpose (especially the references!), but the result is always entertaining and I think as much fun for us as for them. I will eventually catch up with the initial podcasts I had started to hear (#170s) and carry on to become, as everyone else, anxiously and impatiently freaked out waiting for next week’s episode. Well worth the contribution I will now and continue to make given how much I enjoy all of the advice you all give on playing this wonderful game (I started with AD&D 2nd, left playing at 3.5, but returned for 4e), or in using various WOTC products, and more significantly for letting us join you in sharing these epic adventures. Long live the Critical Crew! and may your rolls continue for many more. All the best, from Switzerland.

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