As the Clockwork Storybook 30 Day Writing Challenge continues, Sean E. Williams gives us a peak at “Project Lima.”

I’m nicknaming it “Project Lima” for now, as I have no idea yet what the actual title is.  I have a placeholder title I’m using, but it gives too much of the story away, so we’ll stick with Project Lima.

I started out with a setting, more than anything else.  The first half of the first day I struggled between trying to decide between P.L. and another project that I had already put a lot of development into.  Finally, a story engine for P.L. popped into my head, and I decided to run with it.

What I can reveal currently is that it’s a young adult fantasy novel, set in ancient Egypt.  That’s all I can go into, but it still has me excited with the possibilities.  Right now it’s looking to shape up into a four-book series, and the ideas for each of the books keep pouring in.  I’m only doing the first book for the 30-Day Challenge, though.  And the best part, and one of the main reasons I decided to do this book, was that I know how the entire series ends already.  The ending is built into the premise, actually.  I feel like it’s a sturdy enough foundation to carry the four books easily.

Sean E. Williams is an Ohio-born-California-raised-Montana-transplanted writer who thrives at creating universes to tell stories in, drawing from his firsthand experiences traversing the globe. He is a storyteller in all mediums, with a background in theatre, film, and television, having worked for over a decade in Hollywood. His current projects include writing the third arc of the FABLES spin-off FAIREST from the wilds of Minnesota.


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