ComixTribe sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of SCAM #1, that is going back to print with a super limited edition release.

The first printing of SCAM #1 has sold out at the distributor level more than a week before its January 25th, 2012 release date. SCAM #1 was limited to just 777 copies, and physical copies will be sold exclusively in a small number of select retailers who have chosen to support this exciting creator-owned title.

SCAM #1 is a double-sized first issue, 44 pages, full color.
Story & Art – Joe Mulvey
Digital Inks – John Ercek and Jules Rivera     
Colors – Andrew Crossley
Letters – AndWorld Design
Cover – JoeMulvey and Andrew Crossley
Editor – Tyler James and Steven Forbes
Publisher: ComixTribe
Format: 44 pages, Full color
Rarting: Teen + Up
Price: $3.99
©2012 Joe Mulvey
SCAM: “X-Men meets Oceans 11” where a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives to take down a Vegas casino try to get revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them.

Special Variant Available: SCAM #1 Artist Edition Sketch Cover, featuring an original cover sketch by Joe Mulvey.  These are limited to 100, signed, numbered.Note: Additional Artist Edition covers can be purchased for $24.99.

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