It looks like DC Comics may be getting a new logo, according to Bleeding Cool.  DC Comics has filed two versions of this logo to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which features the D of DC peeling back (flipping back) to reveal the letter C.

Like it? Hate it?  Maybe we really need to see this thing animated ahead of upcoming DC video games and movies to see how it really works.

For what it is worth, the current logo debuted in 2005, and I do remember a lot of people getting bent out of shape, too.

via Bleeding Cool


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    • I’m with you – it looks modern & the turned-back “D” looks like a page being turned (thus showing they’re in publishing), but I miss the hint of color. Other than that, though, it’s fine.

      • I was going to say it looks more like the foil lid from one of those individual-serving dipping or creamer cups being peeled away*, but okay.

        *Maybe there could be an NDC logo like it for those who’re lactose intolerant.

  1. Not a fan. The D isn’t there. I mean it is, but I didn’t see it at first glance, so…bad design in my opinion. Also, on second look, the word entertainment looks weird, like its dangling out there…

  2. I think it’s a good step forward. Very modern. It’s a step away from the current, very comic-book POW design, and puts me in mind of a respectable yet modern publishing company, one that’s not just for funny books. Is it good for a comic company? We’ll find out, but DC is clearly trying to broaden it’s appeal even in the little details.

    • So every “respectable yet modern” restaurant should have a china plate & silverware in its logo? The important part, in my opinion, of “DC Entertainment” is not “it makes books”. Rather, it’s “Intellectual property”, and so how would you logofy that? They make comics, animated movies/tv shows/webisodes, movies with live-actors, etc… They’re not just a “publishing” company, or even a “comic” company. As much as I =despise= the copyright/IP/etc debates, the whole notion of “imagined characters” (ie, ‘intellectual property’) is what they’re based on. When they try to get “publishery” it doesn’t work so well.. I’ve seen cross-overs between DC/Orson Scott Card and other “REAL” writers, and… Anywho. The “DC Logo” should remind one of what’s UNIQUE to them. Not make me sarcastically think “Oh, yeah, books. Didn’t realize that’s what comics were.”

      • I’m not saying they have to have a book in the logo. But having a more proffessional corporate logo can broaden the appeal. Taking the old logo of comic books=BIFFBANGPOW and changing it to comic books=literature is the clear step they’re taking here, and trying to bring comics acceptance to the much broader market of the mainstream consumer. Theyre trying to use their logo to reflect how they want the company to be perceived, instead of how it is currently perceived. It’s a business move, and I think it’s a good one. A new logo could (but probably won’t) sway someone towar giving comics a chance, but I doubt any of us already into the hobby are going to stop buying Batman over it

  3. Nothing could be worse than the old off-kilter circle with the stars in the border and the DC in the middle that they inflicted on us in the 70s. That thing was just dreadful. Come to think of it, there are worse things. Google “your logo makes me barf” and visit the site. The category of “accidental genitals” is hilarious.

  4. I’d like to see what colors they use, but I kinda like it. It’s a clever way to put both letters in. I think with the right colors the D and C will both pop.

  5. It’s 1) really bland and 2) reminds me (I’m probably about to give away my age/whatever) too much of the DiC-logo that used to be attached to a lot of 80s/90s era cartoons.

    Ps. Imagining it ‘animated’ doesn’t really make it more amazing. “Oh look! A publishing company has a book-type-thing in its logo. How…original.”

  6. Logo change! Brilliant! That’s how to boost sales! How could I not have seen that before?

    Wait. Sorry. My anti-sarcasm pill hasn’t kicked in yet. Gimme a few…

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