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  1. Only Games Workshop makes you throw out the old stuff you own and buy new models in order to keep playing thier games. Apparently they haven’t figured out a way to make their plastic models melt down 6 months after you buy them, but they are working on it.

  2. There is nothing stopping you from continuing to play the version of D&D that you like. If you don’t like any edition you can always play the one you have. It’s not like the old books disentegrate upon the printing of the next edition.

    • Well, it’s true that they don’t come to my house and take away my books…
      But they stop supporting the edition you choose to stay with, which could lead to options drying up after a while.
      That being said, I never upgraded from 2e. I did like the fact that 3e wasn’t completely different from 2e and I was able to convert alot of 3e stuff to 2e. When WotC went to 4e, well it was a completely different game at that point, even to 3e. I really haven’t purchased much from WotC since then because the 4e books were completely incompatible with 2e. Even to mine them for ideas was not a good option since the prices were usually $30-$40 per book. It just wasn’t cost effective.
      So basically anyone that plays another edition of D&D, from basic to 4e, can expect Wizards to stop helping you with your game in any way, shape, or form. Buy the new stuff and be supported or wander in the wilderness. Those are your options. I think the market is going to dry up for them with D&D as a property after the 4e disaster (the handling of it, not the system). The worst part is that Hasbro is not going to let D&D go no matter what, and that’s sad because other companies could probably breath new life into the game (most notably Paizo).

      • How much more help do you need? There is a massive wealth of material for 4e already out there. And more to come before the next edition. What statements from WOTC tell you that there will immediately be zero support as you suggest? Besides, can’t you expand the rules as you wish? Or work with others into the same edition to modify things to your liking? If you like a previous edition, can’t you play that and adjust things if necessary, possibly with help from friends or the legions of others online? Does the existence of a fifth edition negate your love of the version you like to play? Isn’t they game playable now? How is that “wandering the wilderness”?

        Say the market for D&D is saturated with 4e and they’ve already sold the majority of books that they have created. What is the company supposed to do? Survive on selling supplements? And don’t you want D&D to be published by a company pushing themselves to make the game better and different?

        I don’t want to come off as an apologist for WOTC in any way, but I really don’t understand this seemingly singular complaint that you have registered.

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