KICKSTARTER: Oceanverse seeks to trade web series


If you’ve read Oceanverse by Mike Schwartz, then you already know about his Kickstarter campaign. If you aren’t familiar with Oceanverse, the web comic ran until 2011, and now the creator is collecting the series into one giant trade.

Gentleman adventurer Clayton Hemmings retires from his pulp hero lifestyle but can’t shake the lure of expedition. He assembles a new crew with diverse experiences and backgrounds, boards his submarine the Red Herring, and sets out for a tour of the Oceanverse, the undersea world of wonder and danger.

Currently, Mike is seeking $2,750 to get the trade printed, with everyone who donates receiving a copy of the trade. Obviously, the more you contribute, the more goodies that will find their way into your hands.

Mike has already hit his goal, but the more who contribute, the more books he can deliver.

via Kickstarter