DIGITAL COMICS: Green Lantern and Detective Comics to offer combo pack deal


As DC moves more of it’s comics to the digital-day-and-date-release, it is also slowly increase the number of “digital combo packs.” These combos are print editions of comics with a redemption code inside to get a copy of the digital edition for “free.”

Currently, Justice League, Batman, and Action Comics are part of the program, and in April, Green Lantern and Detective Comics join the lineup.  While it would be nice if DC would keep the cover price to $2.99, the combo packs cost buyers a dollar more.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as this gives the reader a digital edition of the comic for less than the $2.99 digital edition, and certainly less than the $1.99 drop DC and other publishers have promised a month after release.

Readers who don’t want the combo editions, will still be able to buy the titles at the regular cover price.

UPDATE: Word is that DC will be upping the page count, for Batman and Detective comics to 40-pages making the cover price rise to $3.99.  This means the Detective Comics and Batman Combo Packs will now cost readers $4.99.

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