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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The ship is built, battle plans are prepared, and the assault is about to begin.


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  1. The Great NateO on

    I love it when a plan comes together, will be up early next week for the grand battle. I hope the map can fit all the AWESOMENESS on it. Randus your my HERO!!!!

  2. You top yourselfs everytime guys, a Fantastic show, building up the tension :D. Randus is awesome and gets even more cool :). The kitty was very, very creepy.

  3. Da Da Daaaa!
    So this is it. The grand finale.
    For a moment i thought it was just going to be Orem and Randus, the 2 first characters who found together that would go into the depths. But now it seems the only heroes who might survive the fight is Ket and Sir Brentzen the Bold?
    Im gonna mis the rest of the gang, but is going to love the “Brentzen and Ket Show”.

    Stephen have really, really “found” Orem. This is rock solid podcasting.

  4. My greatest fear, one I’m sure that many criticalites share, is that one way or another this will be the final adventure of the Torqletons.

    But as always: In Rodrigo we trust!

    • The Torqueltones lives dangerous lives.
      If they all made it out of every sticky situation the intensity would fall. Sometimes a team member needs to bite the dust for players to feel that there´s something at stake.
      Im sorry to say so. But after a very successful season I thing we need one of the Torqueltones to die!
      Maybe Ket! It would be so cool if the rest of the crew all survive their super-suicidal mission, and some random energy bolt takes out Ket.
      Died under friendly fire – lol.

      • LOL, the Raven Queen “accidently” drops her temple that Ket sold out to Lolth and all we see after that are his boots sticking out of the side.

  5. I am looking forward to the end of the Celestial Crusade. I personally don’t like Rob as a front person during role playing, mainly because he seems to be over thinking the situation, which leaves tons of dead air. His description of his attack strategy left me groaning: “we will attack the weakest point and then swing around to another point”. Then three forceps (no, wait…. four forceps) were discussed.

    I realize Rob isn’t the strongest of role players, but saying “yep” and “yeah” when talking to celestial beings really dampens the supposed gravity of the session.

    Orem could go back to being the point person and Rob could go back to his strong suit, which is advising the party (which he excels at) and rules lawyering (which he also sadly excels at).

    There is plenty of great points about the series though, Randus has found a home as the mad scientist who will surely end the team through a misguided and dangerous experiment. His dialogue and role playing are a great fit for his character.

    Tork is not trying to speak over the rest of the party as much. He provides nice insights however when a situation seems to be going nowhere. Strangely, he is also the moral compass of the group.

    Orem is a humorous focal point for the group and “gets it”, in regards to keeping the story moving and creating some of the swashbuckling mirth that Critical Hit embodies.

    Rodrigo continues to tell a great story, the tie in with the extra shadow was a great touch. I would like to see him bring in some of the history of the story (which is now very large), where are the Exilarchy of Cogs during this upcoming battle? What about the Shaman on the moon?

    I’m looking forward to the conclusion and the next season. Good job all.

    • Tork is not trying to speak over the rest of the party as much. He provides nice insights however when a situation seems to be going nowhere. Strangely, he is also the moral compass of the group.

      I think part of that is that I am a natural over-analyzer when it comes to group discussions and role-play, but for Torq to take the mouthpiece role would be out of character and, frankly, annoying to role-play AND to listen to. Torq-speak is an exercise in trying to find the right words within the characters limited vocabulary, and it can easily wear out it’s welcome.

      As for the moral compass? That’s Torq’s high wisdom showing through, allowing me to make points that the other characters (or indeed, the other players) might not have extrapolated…

    • I beg to differ. I personaly love Ket as mouthpiece of the group, I think he’s able to provide plenty of entertainment and the Matthew-Rob combo is awesome (Torq in the underground arena was a fantastic scene). The ability to improv like that is a sign of great skill for me.

      Recently i’ve been listening back to all 5 diplomatic steps and I had to admire Rob’s ability to sway evil gods in our heroes favour by carefully balancing out every word. It’s a skill that I lack. With all respect and love for Stephen-Orem, I don’t think our wizard would have been able to pull it off as Ket did.
      Regarding the attack plan, sure, there was some dead air but it’s understandable, that’s no easy task considering the stakes.
      I do agree in the fact of Torq being very quiet lately, maybe because he isn’t directly involved in the binding or construction aspect of the plan.

      I really hope no one dies, I couldn’t bear it. Every character is a masterpiece of roleplay in my opinion, none excluded. They have their “voice” and feel unique and cool.
      Randus and Orem with brain waves isolation helmets is one of the funniest images ever.

      (Sorry about my repetitions).

    • Actually, I think Rob is a really strong role player, I’m very surprised to hear someone say otherwise! He’s juggled a lot of different characters and each of them is obviously different. It’s only “over analyzing” when Ket turns out to be wrong! How many times has he figured out something or thought of a really important angle before anyone else? Ket’s also stunningly proactive, he invites other characters to do things with him for example. Although the grouphad been together for a very long time, Ket was the first to actively attempt to hang out with his companions in a non-mission capacity. And given the curveballs they’re thrown, I think it’s good to have someone really concerned with thinking things through. Anyways, it makes perfect sense for the character to sometimes overthink! That’s what he’s about!

      His characters tend to have a surprising amount of depth. Glaa really made this evident, he was so sweet, affectionate, and curious. One of my favorite bits of roleplaying that easily gets overlooked is when he started picking through Orem’s things. I think Ket, though yes sometimes he’s casual, it’s definitely feigned, Rob also shows him breathing a sigh of relief when something is over, has him have a quiet freak out after meeting the gods. In fact, Ket was the only one actually weighing Asmodeus’ deal and struggling with the moral issue while the others completely refused (though Torq later seemed conflicted over his decision upon reflection). I think he makes really compelling and believable characters that stay true to form.

      TLDR: Rob is a very strong roleplayer, I suggest another listen through.

  6. StellarLeader on

    I can’t imagine how hard the battle will be, both in and out of game. Rodrigo is amazing but handling a battle this big is gonna be a really hard task. And in game, it looks like Randus the genius, Torq the strong and Orem the witty are saling to their doom, while Ket the tactician master is going in the front line of a suicide squad. I hope nobody dies, although is very unlikely that all the Torqletons survive.
    I think I only heard 3 of the “alter egos” being there, Glaa, Ghostbeard and 7-Owls maybe? Where’s the other one? Did I just miss it?

  7. I really like how things are amping up, both in the show and in the audience. I think I am enjoying the show much more now that I don’t get to listen in on the actual recording.

    I wanna see Ket drop all reservations and take command during the fight. I want to see Torq lost in a ball of exploding void monsters while atop the arbelest ship. I want to see Orem hold his ground firing at the void creatures breaking though the ship to protect Randus till the end. And then after successful firing of the weapon I want to see Randus struggling for some rediculus escape plan as they crash into the closing void wound.

  8. Im about 7min in to the episoed rightn now and you had just made my sg-1 beng over x-mas break fell not so waisted i wached all 10 seasons over the 3 weeks and stevens comint made me altab out of WoW to say yes im not alone.

  9. I was totally blown away when I heard the bomb will contain 3.8 giga-kindergartners. That sounds like a tremendous amount of destructive power! Don’t build it anywhere near my house. If that much destruction where to escape, I don’t think a mile radius safe zone would be enough.

  10. I noticed (and aprishiate) the Stargate-esque portals, so now in the words of Hammond of Texas “God’s (or gods’) Speed.” Also if Ket does die PLEASE let Glaa live, he not only is hilarious (as Matthew said he is, both literally and metaphoicly, a cold fish), but it sounds like Rob likes playing him.

    And finally I think Terry Pratchett summed up your plan in a nut shell in his book feet of clay:
    “Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate…”

  11. *pop* and a massive transparent jelly monster reappears next to the circle with the void god in it. “Welcome” it says to the void god as it erases part of the summoning circle with a jelly appendage.

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