The Clockwork Storybook 30 Day Writing Challenge is well underway, and now two more writers have joined the fray.

NOTE: We’ve updated the original post, but we though we’d spotlight these two right now.


Dave Justus is nobody you’ve ever heard of. His published works include a bit of DC/Vertigo’s House of Mystery #25 and the short story “The Next Day” in Electric Velocipede #21/22. He would not be surprised to learn that his inclusion in this contest is an elaborate hoax.

Sean E. Williams is an Ohio-born-California-raised-Montana-transplanted writer who thrives at creating universes to tell stories in, drawing from his firsthand experiences traversing the globe. He is a storyteller in all mediums, with a background in theatre, film, and television, having worked for over a decade in Hollywood. His current projects include writing the third arc of the FABLES spin-off FAIREST from the wilds of Minnesota.

What will these two create in the next 30 days? We’ll find out soon!

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  1. January 7, 2012 at 10:59 am — Reply

    Damn, Dave. You win for best hair. If I wasn’t intimidated before, I am now.

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