CLOCKWORK STORYBOOK: Tom O’Harrow – The Character List


Though we haven’t seen any excerpts from Bill Willingham’s Tom O’Horrow tale, the scribe did send a breakdown of the characters currently planned to appear in the book.

Tom O’Harrow Character List

  • Tom O’Harrow, illegitimate son of True Thomas and Queen Mab. Banished from the Realms for war crimes, to the Bright World (Earth), he most often works as an unlicensed private hero and mercenary.
  • The Green Woman, a powerful woman with a powerful sword.
  • Rosemary Teatherwall, a waitress.
  • Max Lynch, manager and sommelier of The Sunset wine bar and restaurant.
  • Robert Royal Stonehill, owner of The Sunset. Also owns the three powerful artifacts: Bell, Book and Candle.
  • Billy Wilke, a dead baby.
  • Boone, a thug.
  • Boone’s Man, a thug’s thug.
  • Pinch, a mercenary. Part of Tom’s regular crew.
  • Claudia Nevermore, a combat sorcerer and licensed private hero.
  • Mrs. Wilke, a woman of considerable means.
  • Spooky Joe, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • Micah, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • Nell Sparrow, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • Fat Duck, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • Big Mike Hodiak, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • Halfwolf Johnny, a mercenary member of Tom’s crew.
  • The Makeman, a corpse made of corpses.

Is this going to be a noir, fantasy, crime drama, with a hint of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels thrown in? Use the comment section below to ask Bill Willingham questions, or throw out your predictions on how the 30 Day Writing Challenge will come down. (HINT: Bill has already submitted his third chapter to the rest of the challengers).

Bill Willingham is the writer of many comic books, including the Fables series, and author of the novels Peter and Max, and Down the Mysterly River.