This week on the show: Rob is still hanging around… PLUS – The Best and Worst of 2011.


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Did Mega Blocks spoil The Amazing Spider-Man?

Theater #4
Scripts: Raven Gregory
Pencils: Robert Gill
Two best friends find a monster living in their midst and the means by which they attempt to rid of it may very well turn them into monsters themselves. Meanwhile, the body count at the theater continues to rise as more is revealed about the horror within.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Teen TItans #4
Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
Wonder Girl has come to New York City to find Red Robin and fill him in on what she’s learned about N.O.W.H.E.R.E., but it turns out she’s going to have to go through the mysterious Superboy first! As two of DC’s most powerful young metahumans battle over the streets of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Red Robin assembles his team to help Wonder Girl.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Transformers: Death of Optimus Prime
Writer: James Roberts and John Barber
Artist: Nick Roche
Colorist: Josh Burcham
Letterer:Shawn Lee
On Earth, the AUTOBOTS learned of the treachery of their human allies–and their loyalty was pushed past the breaking point. In space–with the fate of the universe at stake–the TRANSFORMERS waged the final battle for the fate of CYBERTRON. With the end of CHAOS, the war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS is over.

Now the hard part begins, as the survivors must confront their future head-on. The TRANSFORMERS’ homeworld is reborn–but it’s not the safe home the AUTOBOTS had hoped for. Amidst a hostile planet–and an angry population–AUTOBOT leader OPTIMUS PRIME must try to unite the divided loyalties of his fellow TRANSFORMERS. In the process, he is forced to question whether he is the ruler a united CYBERTRON needs. IDW’s December comic, TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME, answers that question, once and for all.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week:FIGHT
This week, we are pitting two of the biggest Saturday Morning Cartoon teams against each other, and we want to know who would win.
The Impossibles (1966)

The Impossibles were a trio of rock and roll musicians. When contacted by “Big D” (voiced by Paul Frees) about criminal activities in Empire City, they became superheroes. Like the Monkees, the group’s appearance (in their musician form) was based on 1960s pop star stereotypes, which included somewhat long hair, brightly colored (and matching) outfits, high-heeled boots, screaming female fans and, unlike the Monkees, no percussion or bass instruments.
The Mighty Heroes (1966)

The Mighty Heroes was an animated television series created by Ralph Bakshi for the Terrytoons company. The original show debuted on CBS, on Oct. 29, 1966, and ran for 1 season for 21 episodes. The series is set in Good Haven, a city that is continually beset by various supervillains. When trouble occurs, the city launches a massive fireworks display to summon a quintet of high-flying superheroes into action.

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The Best and Worst of 2011
What rocked, and what didn’t? The Major Spoilers Crew run down their list, and Major Spoilerites from around the world weigh in, too!

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  1. Best of 2011 is by far
    Critical Hit
    That show has evolved soo far, and become such a heavy player in the “Podcast game”, and to thing how this thing started!
    Gtz on an epic show guys – gtz and thank you.

  2. Due to new work schedule, and life in general, I didn’t consume nearly as much pop-culture this year as I have in the past. I didn’t even get a list in prior to the show…

    Best of 2011:

    Rise of The Planet of the Apes was really great. The 2nd best Apes film ever, after the original, and true to the Apes franchise. Highly recommended.

    Rango was also a very cool. Weird and subversive, I think this one will become a cult film of sorts, it’s just that kind of movie.

    Fantagraphics Complete Pogo FINALLY came out this year and it is everything I dreamed it would be. Fantastic.

    Doctor Who season 6 was really good, and I like River Song. Looking forward to the next run.

    I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, 5 years after its initial release, which was cool. I got Skyward Sword for Christmas…and it’s a pretty cool game so far…Power Up Heroes for Kinect is also a bunch of fun if you’ve ever imaged attacking a villain with Lightning Whips or a Ninja Sword….

  3. The best:
    5. “That’s my one”
    4. Rob & Brian warming up to the D&D group.
    3. Orem + interns = win!
    2. The Thor movie, just loved how Loki is not really a bad guy out to conquer the world but a misguided child trying to win his adopted father’s love.
    1. Stephen tea party, still listen to that when I need a laugh.

    5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I’m not a violent man but I wouldn’t stop my car if I saw Michael bay crossing the street.
    4. Twitter, do we really need more ways to be controlled/followed and more reasons to stand in front of your computer?
    3. Bat-familly books not named Batgirl.
    2. The cancellation of Birds of Prey.
    1. Marvel in general, seriously save 2 books I gave up on the whole company, nothing but endless crossover events with no ramifications yet they want to sell us that “It will change things forever!”

  4. Best: Patrick Rothfuss novel, “The Wise Man’s Fear.”
    What can I say, it’s an awesome fantasy novel.

    Worst: Blinking Ewoks
    It’s not bad enough that George Lucas had to touch my childhood in an inappropriate fashion, now it’s being kept in a pit and threatened with the hose if it won’t rub the lotion on its’ skin.

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